The Imminent Collectors Choice Exhibition at AstaGuru Will Feature More than 200 works of Modern Indian Art

  • 9th Jun 2023
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The Imminent Collectors Choice Exhibition at AstaGuru Will Feature More than 200 works of Modern Indian Art

Collector's Choice Modern Indian Art auction

The impending 'Collector's Choice' Modern Indian Art auction by AstaGuru provides a unique opportunity for bidders to acquire exquisite masterpieces and uncommon compositions from various periods of Modern Indian Art.

The auction is scheduled for June 20-21, 2023, and the opening bid for each piece of artwork will be 20,000 INR.

Commenting on the auction, Sunny Chandiramani, Senior Vice President- Client Relations at AstaGuru, stated, The overwhelming response to 'Collectors Choice' validates its success in establishing a platform that appeals to a wide variety of collectors, thereby nurturing a vibrant and dynamic art community.

The ability to acquire artworks at varying price points affords both seasoned and novice art enthusiasts the opportunity to diversify their collections through the acquisition of a variety of pieces. It encourages exploration and discovery, allowing users to find concealed treasures and lesser-known artists who might otherwise go unnoticed.

Featured on the cover of the auction catalogue, lot number 15 is the first item in the auction. The work is a part of the celebrated Bengal School artist Nandalal Bose's oeuvre and is being auctioned for the first time. It depicts the timeless image of Radha and Krishna kneading butter, and was executed in 1941 with tempera on paper. Through vibrant colours and intricate details, as well as the serene expressions and graceful postures of the figures, the work elicits a sense of harmony and embodies divine love. This parcel is estimated to be purchased for INR 15,000 to 20,000.

Lot no. 47, an untitled piece by artist K. Laxma Goud, is estimated to sell for INR 200,000–250,000. The acrylic-on-canvas painting from 2022, which is being offered for the first time at auction, is a stunning example of the artist's mastery of figurative subjects and his use of vibrant, captivating colour. 

Several depictions of Krishen Khanna's renowned Bandwallah will also be available at the auction. Lot no. 72 is a large-scale black-and-white acrylic and charcoal painting. This piece is estimated to cost between 250,000 and 300,000 Indian Rupees. The bronze sculpture in lot number 179 depicts a band of Bandwallahs. This 2016-created work is being offered for the first time at auction with an estimated selling price range of INR 1,000,000 to 1,500,000.

Lot 95 is a representation of F. N. Souza's iconic head imagery. 1956, while the artist was residing in London, the mixed-media piece on paper was created. During this time, Souza's first critical and commercial triumph was realised. The work was originally owned by Ragnar Zedell, who met the artist in Stockholm in the early 1960s and became one of his earliest benefactors in the city. This piece of art is estimated to cost between INR 400,000 and INR 600,000.

Lot 113, titled 'Prakriti,' exemplifies S.H. Raza's investigation of the 'Bindu,' which became an emblematic element and unifying motif in his oeuvre. This work, executed in 1994 with acrylic on canvas, also exemplifies the artist's renowned and innovative approach to geometric abstraction. This piece will be auctioned for the first time and is estimated to fetch between INR 80,000,000 and INR 1,000,000.

Lot 133 is a black-and-white abstract landscape by Ram Kumar titled 'Autumn Landscape.' After moving to Paris to train under the renowned artist and writer Andre Lhote, the artist executed this piece around 1950. The oil on canvas piece is estimated to cost between 60 and 80 million Indian rupees.

The auction also includes a significant bronze sculpture by the artist Himmat Shah, lot number 145. In 2016, the work titled "Untitled - Goddess Durga (Ed. 5/5)" was displayed at the artist's retrospective at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in New Delhi.

In 2021, Aleph Book Company published it in the book "Himmat in London: 36 Bronze Sculptures." It is expected to sell for between INR 250,000 and INR 30,000. Lot 155 is a large-scale figurative painting by Jogen Chowdhury, executed in his signature style. Pastel and acrylic on canvas, executed in 2019, is estimated to sell for between 30 and 40 million rupees.

Lot 200 is an untitled painting by Anjolie Ela Menon, executed in her signature medium of oil on masonite board. Executed in 2022, it was displayed at the Vadehra Art Gallery in New Delhi in an exhibition titled "Anjolie Ela Menon: Nostalgia 2022." 2023 also saw its publication in the book 'Anjolie - Inner Vision: Selected Works from 1956 to 2022' by The Arts Trust, Mumbai.

This work is estimated to cost between 30 and 40 million INR.

The auction will also present works by several more eminent artists of India, including M.V. Dhurandhar, Jamini Roy, Rabindranath Tagore, M. F. Husain, Akbar Padamsee, K. H. Ara, Sakti Burman, K. K. Hebbar, Bikash Bhattacharjee, Ganesh Pyne, Satish Gujaral, K.G. Subramanyan, Manu Parekh, Biren De, Thota Vaikuntam, Bhupen Khakhar, V.S. Gaitonde, and Manit Bawa among others.

More about AstaGuru

AstaGuru was conceived in 2008 with the solitary intention of establishing a safe and secure platform for online auctions of Indian, Contemporary, and Modern art. The word AstaGuru is a thoughtful combination of the Italian word 'Asta', which means auction, and the Sanskrit word 'Guru,' which means'master,' indicating our mastery of auctioning art and artefacts in India and around the world.

AstaGuru has endeavoured to effectively bridge the divide between prospective purchasers and consignors by surpassing the limitations of live auctions as the world converges into a unified digital universe. The process of acquiring and selling art and rare collectibles is rendered transparent by AstaGuru with ease. Our diverse inventory includes categories such as Jewellery & Fine Silver, Timepieces, Textiles, Celebrity Memorabilia, Rare Books, Numismatic, Philately, and Vintage Automobiles. The mobile app for AstaGuru enables our illustrious bidders to monitor and participate in our auctions in real time and without difficulty.

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