Benetti Class 44M is a Luxury Yacht That is a Class Apart

  • 4th Sep 2023
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Benetti Class 44M is a Luxury Yacht That is a Class Apart

Benetti has recently introduced the Benetti Class 44M, a mobile haven made for those who value their spare time above everything else.

The idea of "floating home" is completely transformed by this boat.

The Class 44M distinguishes out among Benetti yachts because of its unique use of materials and finishes, which creates an informal and natural ambiance that changes the way we perceive space.

The widespread use of eco-friendly components like FSC-approved wood from well-managed forests is a major driving force behind this shift. The yacht's many glass panels allow for an abundance of natural light to penetrate all decks, heightening a sense of spaciousness and oneness with the water.

Reflecting the changing interests of modern yacht enthusiasts, the Class 44M flagship has a roomy layout and puts an emphasis on the comfort and well-being of its owners. The architect Giorgio Maria Cassetta emphasises the one-of-a-kindness of the boat by saying that its interiors are unprecedented on a yacht of this size.

Class 44M is a complicated and sophisticated masterpiece that excels at inviting passengers onboard due to its attention to detail and workmanship.

The Benetti Class 44M was built for weeks or months spent at sea in comfort and safety. Every detail of the boat was designed with lengthy travels in mind, from the thoughtful layouts and traffic patterns to the ample storage space. It has a timeless, modern appeal thanks to its clean lines that defy the passage of time.

The boat has four adaptable decks to suit the preferences of its owners, and natural light is featured prominently throughout. A master suite that spans the entire width of the boat can be found on the Main Deck, along with an office, a walk-in closet, and a bathroom. Thanks to the sleek bulwarks, the roomy salon has breathtaking views of the lake.

The Upper Deck's spacious interior flows effortlessly into the outside, making enough for a ten-person dining set. On the other hand, the Sun Deck is over 102 square metres, so there's plenty of room for a meal, some sun, and a drink. Owners have the freedom to arrange these spaces as they see fit, making them ideal for rest, recreation, and amusement.

Benetti's Class 44M has impressed with its dedication to innovation below decks. Floating flooring, bulkheads and cutting-edge gearbox connections contribute to one of the quietest and most vibration-free environments in its class. There are six air exchanges each hour thanks to the air conditioning and filtration system.

The Class 44M has two 1,400 HP MAN units in the engine room, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 15 knots and an outstanding range of 4,100 nautical miles at a speed of 11 knots while cruising. The yacht's owners will be able to go on incredible voyages across the seas thanks to the yacht's mix of power and efficiency.

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