AULERTH, The World's First Portal of its Sort, Showcases Couture-inspired & Ethically Sourced Jewellery

  • 10th Feb 2022
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AULERTH, The World's First Portal of its Sort, Showcases Couture-inspired & Ethically Sourced Jewellery

Walking The Ethical Fashion Path

With the debut of Aulerth, the globe now has a guilt-free opportunity to appreciate India's illustrious legacy of beautiful jewellery. Founder Vivek Ramabhadran's brand introduces us to a world of synthetic precious stones and reclaimed precious metals in order to promote the concept of conscious consumerism.

Vivek Ramabhadran, Founder and CEO Aulerth

Sustainability First

Over the last decade, fashion enthusiasts have pushed for a change, opting for companies that prioritise sustainability. Jewelry, on the other hand, receives less of this attention. From purposefully opaque gemstone sourcing to extremely polluting mercury dumping during gold extraction and processing, the fine jewellery business, which draws inspiration and value from nature's miracles, is ironically its worst culprit.

Toxic Beauty

Did you know that a single 9 gramme 22 karat gold ring produces more than 20 tonnes of hazardous waste, including cyanide and mercury pollution? Overall, gold mining creates over 150 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and nearly 6 billion tonnes of hazardous waste, in addition to causing severe ecological harm. And all of this is exacerbated by the widespread ecological devastation caused by diamond and gemstone mining. 

To overcome this issue, the notion of Aulerth was established. The brand offers a guilt-free alternative to our pleasure in beautiful jewellery.

Smart Collaborations

In 2022, Vivek Ramabahadran's brand, Aulerth, will collaborate with India's finest designers to launch the country's first ethical wedding and evening jewellery brand. Aulerth has partnered with Tribe Amrapali, Suneet Varma, and JJ Valaya to create magnificent jewellery collections for the modern Indian woman. 

Numerous other couturiers' jewellery lines are scheduled to debut in the following months.

Aulerth, the world's first platform of its sort, showcases couture-inspired and ethically sourced jewellery. Aulerth brings the finest of Indian aesthetics to a worldwide audience via collaborations with prominent designers that shape fashion. 

Indian Aura

JJ Valaya, Suneet Varma, and Tribe Amrapali's debut collections use sustainable metals and gemstones—metals reclaimed from industrial trash and primarily man-made (rather than mined) stones. These finely produced items represent conscious materialism and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Aulerth will collaborate with top Indian designers each season to present the world to India's rich aesthetic while also contributing to the sustainability of India's rich artisan treasures.

Responsibility & Mindfulness

According to Vivek Ramabhadran, founder of Aulerth, "Aulerth is committed to bridging the seemingly disparate worlds of couture inspiration and conscious manufacturing–with an underlying philosophy of increasing responsibility and mindfulness throughout the end-to-end process spanning design, production, merchandising, and packaging." Ramabhadran, a self-described outsider to the world of design, revitalised Swarovski (as Vice President and Managing Director for South Asia — encompassing the Middle East, India, and South-east Asia) and is now applying the same approach to meet a critical need in the jewellery industry.

Vivek's biggest strength is his ability to bring objective analysis to the field of design, a skill honed during a successful tenure at McKinsey, where he served consumer products customers in growing markets throughout the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, Vivek holds a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Madras, a Master's degree in manufacturing from the University of Texas at Austin, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Suneet Varma draws inspiration for this series from the enduring beauty of Mughal architecture. Pastel bursts in delicate pinks, minty greens, and white stones find a place in rich opulent palettes among more classic pieces. The minar of the Taj Mahal and the magnificent appeal of inlay work, frescoes, and meenakari from Mughal-inspired art take you to another age while being anchored in Aulerth's ethical mission.

JJ Valaya's jewellery collection epitomises - The Royal Nomad with an affinity for Art Deco. The couturier brings his famed 'Rumeli' line's design sensibility to Aulerth's jewellery collection. Carved gemstones are placed in magnificent metal frames with zircon embellishments, meticulous enamelling is embellished with a bandish work of rose pearls and tumbles, and textured metals enrich the design. This collection of mindful jewellery is inspired by the Ottoman Empire, fusing floral subtleties and Aztec strokes in a symbiotic way.

Each artwork is infused with Tribe Amrapali's passion for and understanding of traditional Indian jadau and chitai technique. The stones are takkar and prong-set with meenakari and Kundan work, intricate beading, oxidation, and gold plating, evoking the flamboyance of Indian cultures and customs.

Aulerth will launch in February 2022. To begin, the internet portal will include three unique collections by Tribe Amrapali, Suneet Varma, and JJ Valaya, followed by the debut of several other designer-crafted lines in the following months. Aulerth's website – - will sell the jewellery.

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