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A Pixel House Receives the Platinum Award for Website Creativity for the Luxurious Furniture Curation Website FILO

  • 6th Aug 2022
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A Pixel House Receives the Platinum Award for Website Creativity for the Luxurious Furniture Curation Website FILO

Platinum was awarded to APH by Dotcomm Awards for its comprehensive design and development of, the website of luxury furniture curators FILO.

A Pixel House (APH) has had an incredible year, having received two prestigious international awards for excellence in online creation and digital communication. A boutique branding and creative firm with offices in Delhi and Kolkata that serves clients worldwide. APH is widely renowned for its beautiful digital aesthetics and their strategic strategy. Working with prestigious companies in India and beyond, the agency is one of the select few in the luxury market.

APH has earned Platinum honours at the Dotcomm Awards for 2022 for designing a magnificent website for FILO, an art furniture manufacturer. The website is commensurate with their excellent handmade furniture, which is characterised by an advanced representation of Indian workmanship. Since its foundation in 1990, FILO has amassed an impressive portfolio of specialised projects.

They have executed over 2000 projects all around the world, including custom pieces for the Prime Minister's house, Umaid Bhavan, and Falaknuma palace.

What distinguished the website was its ability to convey three decades of history and furniture craftsmanship expertise on a screen that nevertheless conveyed the grandeur and elegance of their one-of-a-kind items. The homepage's first ten-second impression highlights the art, method, sculpted curves, and beauty of the handcrafted, which are awaiting exploration.

Ms. Natasha Kohli, Founder and Chief Curator of FILO, said, "While we embodied the notion of Man and Machine, Filo had continuously pushed limits, which resulted in a movement embracing the Arts and Crafts with its own language. A Pixel House was tasked with ensuring that the ethos of our quiet endeavour and its secrecy were communicated and discussed in a whisper, which they accomplished. The delicate, but very effective and subtle message weaved during our years of labour was woven into the story we desired. We were really appreciative of APH's speedy work."

Subtle animations, video rows, and layered parallax components are used to create visual interest and depth. To offer a further level of user involvement, robust transitions have been applied to a select few items across the design. Strong dark undertones and robust animation effects form an online persona that connects with an upgraded representation of luxury and perpetually resurrecting interpretations of Indian crafts.

Kanika Jalan, Marketing Director at APH, said, "For the last 31 years, FILO has developed pieces as different as the history of art itself: some extrapolate gorgeous patterned inlays, while others pay tribute to religious architecture." We take great delight in supporting the studio in the development of their online portfolio. Understanding the history and allure of the brand was the driving reason behind the success of this project."

The website boasts clean and straightforward layouts and adapts nicely to all devices. Each page is distinguished by pertinent text and visuals. The seamless nature of the surfing experience is ensured by an uncompromised, beautiful user experience, regardless of the device utilised.


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