Bentley Home Advances into Home Office Furniture at Milan Design Week 2024

  • 22nd Apr 2024
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Bentley Home Advances into Home Office Furniture at Milan Design Week 2024

In a significant expansion, Bentley Home is venturing into home office furniture, debuting with an innovative design of the iconic Bentley Desk during Milan Design Week 2024. This expansion introduces a lighter, more dynamic form of the desk, heralding a new era for the Bentley Home brand, now over a decade old.

Collaboration with Top Designers

The brand's latest collection has been crafted in partnership with renowned designers Carlo Colombo, Federico Peri, and Francesco Forcellini, who align with Bentley’s dedication to aesthetic elegance and sustainability. This collection is set to be showcased at the Bentley Home Atelier located in the historic Palazzo Chiesa.

Innovative Designs and Personalisation

Chris Cooke, who leads Bentley Design Collaborations, shared that the 2024 collection exemplifies dynamism and sophistication, reflecting Bentley’s core values of comfort and elegance through bespoke furniture design. This collection also emphasizes extensive personalization options, meeting the high customization demands of their clientele.

2024 Collection Highlights

Wilton Desk: Designed by Francesco Forcellini, this desk introduces a new concept to home office furniture for Bentley Home. Its design features dynamic lines and crafted curvature that opens to functional drawers, presented in various custom finishes including Liquid Amber and Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore.

Bollington Office Armchair:

A perfect complement to the Wilton desk, this armchair by Forcellini boasts a minimalist, yet powerful design that echoes the desk’s aesthetics, providing seamless design continuity.

Loftus Sofa:

A modular sofa by Federico Peri, integrating sculptural lines and organic forms with side tables built into the seating, available in marble or leather coverings.

Chilton Seating:

A series by Carlo Colombo, featuring sinuous shapes with veneer bands interlaced with leather, echoing a dynamic automotive feel.

Langport Bed:

Also designed by Colombo, this bed combines luxury and functionality with customized veneering, integrated reading lights, and a choice of materials, emphasizing

Sustainability and Craftsmanship

The collection showcases Bentley commitment to sustainability, using energy-efficient materials and processes that highlight the brand's dedication to environmental responsibility.

Exhibition and Public Viewing

The Bentley Home Atelier will display these innovations at the Palazzo Chiesa during the Salone del Mobile from April 16-21, 2024, welcoming the public by appointment throughout the year.

About Luxury Living Group

The Luxury Living Group, known for its high-end furniture manufacturing for prestigious brands like Versace and Dolce&Gabbana, alongside Bentley Motors, continues to exemplify Italian craftsmanship and luxury through its Luxence Luxury Living brand.


The entry of Bentley Home into home office furniture, marked by its unveiling at Milan Design Week 2024, signals a significant shift in the luxury furniture market, targeting high-end clientele with custom, sustainable options. This strategic move not only broadens Bentley Home product line but also reinforces its commitment to innovation and luxury, potentially setting new trends in the global furniture design industry.

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