A List of Some Of The Most Exciting Luxury Start-ups in The World

  • 9th Aug 2021
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A List of Some Of The Most Exciting Luxury Start-ups in The World

Every well renowned, famous, international business began as a start-up, as a single idea, as an individual’s vision. Think about that for a moment.

Your favourite luxury brands that have massive following and loyalty, from all around the globe; they all started as someone’s idea.

How fascinating is that?!

In this age of constant change, innovation, and endless consumption- luxury start-ups are the future. Famous brands are now going out of the way to acknowledge start-ups that are bringing new levels of convenience and comfort to consumers. Especially with the seamless integration of technology in just about everything, new age luxury start-ups are able to make extraordinary services and comforts available to the public.

Here is a list of some wonderful luxury start-ups:

1. Luxe London
Image Courtesy: luxelondon.ca

Offering premium concierge services for just about anything and everything imaginable, Luxe London can make your personal/corporate life delightfully easy, and delightfully luxurious.

Just one call, and you can have a team of professionals plan you a perfect wedding, put together the most marvellous vacation, book you the car of your dreams or give you an amazing wardrobe refresh!

Over and above all of this, Luxe London can help you in your quest for the most exquisite pieces of jewelry, to find the finest medical specialists on the globe or assist you in your desire to hunt for the perfect luxury home, even if it is on a secluded island far off from civilisation!

2. Urban Massage
Image Courtesy: Urban Massage

Imagine it’s been a terribly long day, you’ve put in hours and hours of work, and everything in your body aches. You have months of tension built up in your neck, and your back muscles are in knots.
Now imagine booking a spa and having a masseuse come to your house and rid you of all the pent-up stress.
Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?
You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch! Urban Massage offers you this, and so much more. Choose from a selection of the most premium therapies and treatments, and reap the benefits at home in under an hour! Partnered with renowned names in the industry, Urban Massage boasts of the most exotic and soothing list of therapies. Get in-person treatments or even private online classes on nutrition, yoga and wellness.

3. Velvetcase
Image Courtesy: Velvetcase

Every jewelry lover’s dream, Velvetcase has created a most fabulous space; a global buffet of beautiful, unique jewelry. Variety right from New York to Mumbai, the site displays a range of modern, curated jewelry, handcrafted meticulously and lovingly.
A one stop shop for personalised and modern gold and jewelry, guaranteed to be of the finest quality and created using the latest technology.

4. Cudoni

Want to sell that antique gargoyle statue? That only once-worn, well-preserved Valentino? Those exquisite pearls safely stored in a wooden box in the attic?
Cudoni understands the sentimental value of beautiful items, and the need for them to be delivered into safe hands. The e-commerce website provides excellent and attentive service to sellers, making the entire process of selling second-hand luxury items smooth and hassle-free.

5. Reef Knot

Wanting to break the boring reputation ties held, Reef Knots started with the motto of ‘Summertime – all the time’.The London based company soon expanded into selling sustainable menswear of the highest quality.

6. Urban Apothecary

Think luxurious, indulgent scented candles, diffusors, heady fragrances, tea lights and pretty soaps. The perfect destination for everything nice and sweet smelling. Started as a small project on a kitchen table, Urban Apothecary is now contributing substantially to the fragrance and incense industry.

7. Reef Knot
8. Urban Apothecary

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