6 Design ideas for a Luxury Kitchen

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6 Design ideas for a Luxury Kitchen

Yes. Finally you have a luxury home that you have always yearned for. It has all the perks that you wished and dreamt of. Does having the perfect kitchen still seem like a challenge to you? Well, you are not the only one. There are many who are lost when it comes to doing up their kitchen.

LuxuryAbode.com can help you plan your luxury kitchen in a way that would appeal to your taste, lifestyle, and personality. Of course it will still be functional the way it’s supposed to be.

It is critical to design the kitchen well both in terms of looks and it terms of comfort as this is the only space in the house that is used on a daily basis and it is the fuel tank, the power zone of any home.

Six simple ways to have an awesome kitchen that spells class, is full of life, is easy to use and blends with your home seamlessly well.

Read on.

Pick the right spot for the right kitchen
The kitchen has to be central in terms of access and yet not be in the midst of the living area or other common areas. So, ideally your kitchen has to be made in a location where it is approachable easily from any of the other rooms and at the same time be tucked away with its own privacy. A good designer or a professional architect can help you identify and create such a location in your luxury home.

A lonely, far off Kitchen is a no-no.
In some sense it is part of the same logic that your kitchen has to be strategically located so as to not be in the way of any person or any activity that you might do in your home yet be in the center of everything, not physically, but in terms of its access. An open kitchen will definitely do the trick for this purpose as it will ensure easy access and will also ensure that the kitchen remains airy, non-stinking and fresh.

In fact when the kitchen is not being used for food related stuff, you should be able to use it as a casual sitting, discussion, residing area too, if need be. The point is the kitchen area has to be clean and fresh always.

A good kitchen looks good but works better.
Your luxury designer kitchen can look good, smell good and feel good too. However, most critically it has to do its job in terms of its function - be a good kitchen. The layout of the kitchen area has to be done in a way that it accommodates all your equipment & essentials like gas stove, sink, microwave oven & refrigerator. A good spacious sink with some extra area around it will definitely helpand some more room around the stove would be handy too. Get a very good functional chimney to ensure your kitchen smells good always.

Storage space alert - With the modern times there have been a barrage of choices and options of small kitchen appliances that have made our life easier. While planning your kitchen make space for these appliances & create storage space wherever possible so that there are no open areas visible. For your kitchen to remain clutter free make sure that every niche and corner is utilized smartly.

Make sure all the electrical points are in place before you move in with the equipment. In fact always make a few more electrical provisions as you might add to your kitchen gadgets in the days and years to come. It would not be advisable to go for additional electric points later as it would spoil the kitchen settings that you have painstakingly put together.

Raise your Kitchen level a wee bit
Raise your kitchen level be a bit and convert it into a separate entity altogether. With a small elevation it will have its own different personality in the house and when you put the finishing touches on it with customized colors, designs, images and materials it could spell the class that you always wanted it to.

Multiple-access Kitchen
If you have the luxury of owning a home that can provide for an outdoor access to your Kitchen, go for it. If you have a terrace area, you can have your kitchen open upto your terrace area or if you have a garden, let your kitchen flow into the garden on one side. This will help you organize family get together, throw parties and have meetings with your kitchen always accessible. This is definitely a blessing and if you have the provision, you should simply do it.

Personalize your luxury Kitchen
With all your basics in place, now is the time for some fun and adventure. Go for colors, designs that appeal to your personality. After all you are going to spend a lot of your waking time in your kitchen. Make sure it is not dull by any stretch of imagination. Add designs, quotes, wall hangings, fridge magnets, etc. to uplift your mood and keep your creative juices flowing. After all making food is one of the most creative jobs in the world and satisfying too. Have different types of lights so that you can set the surroundings the way you want to - bright lights, dim lights, etc.