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What is The Big Deal About Luxury Mystery Boxes?

  • 14th Jan 2022
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What is The Big Deal About Luxury Mystery Boxes?

Human beings love surprises and if they are luxury surprises - all the more better!!

Imagine receiving (without knowing beforehand) a range of beautifully wrapped presents, each one brimming with next-level luxury products like as designer sunglasses, bathrobes and face masks, luxury jewellery, and even great perfumes - out of the blue. This is the premium surprise box experience; you get the luxury service without blowing your budget or requiring it from your assistant or spouse. What is the promise? You won't know what's inside until you open it - but whatever is inside is certain to thrill you.

Luxury surprise boxes are not a new idea; they've been around for around three years. However, luxury businesses are increasingly recognising the value of mystery boxes - and premium buyers seem to be more than prepared to indulge. While luxury corporations such as LVMH have established luxury subscription services, some independent luxury firms, such as La Garçonne Paris, a French luxury women's brand that specializes in jeans and beauty products, have also begun introducing luxury mystery boxes as an up-and-coming eCommerce strategy.

With luxury items from major luxury brands like Balenciaga or Vetements (and similar), premium Mystery Boxes from businesses like HEAT curate things from the overstock or out-of-season stock of some of fashion's most beloved boutiques, and in some instances straight from the brands' factories. With the customer unaware of what they will discover until they open the box, this suspense-filled method of purchasing reintroduces an element of joy that has appeared to escape fashion in recent years. Many things in terms of luxury marketing and branding have grown a touch gloomy and monotonous but the uncertainty of what you will get in a Mystery Box practically compels you to venture out of your comfort zone and pick up things you may have previously overlooked.

Luxury mystery boxes allow luxury brands to monetize unsold inventory through desirable and smart drops of surprise merchandise.

Luxury mystery boxes enable luxury firms to monetise unsold inventory via targeted drops of attractive and thoughtful items.The "Mystery Box Deluxe" from La Garçonne offers a combination of 30 deluxe sample sizes of the brand's best-selling beauty products, which retail for between USD 62 and USD 120 depending on size.

Premium surprise boxes are a strategy for luxury firms like La Garçonne Paris to increase eCommerce conversions. As per Emily Jung, founder and creative director of luxury women's brand La Garconne Paris their aim was to provide their clients with the option to taste and purchase their goods at a discounted price via luxury and beauty samples. Emily opined that they mostly cater to millennials seeking new experiences, and millennials like unexpected presents! Their aim is to make luxury more accessible to them by allowing them to purchase our items at lower costs.

Apart from creating sales (and word-of-mouth buzz), luxury mystery boxes cater to luxury clients who are comfortable with 'blind luxury buying,' or luxury shopping in which the buyer does not know what they are purchasing until it comes."It appeals to luxury customers' growing desire to be surprised, delighted, and - perhaps most importantly - disoriented, rather than informed in advance about their luxury purchases, which is frequently interpreted as a sign that luxury brands are attempting to upsell them on something less special than the experience of buying.

As per Rebecca Jennings the luxury mystery box looks to offer "ideal circumstances for luxury shopping: it makes you feel like royalty at precisely the moment you're least willing to spend your money. 

For luxury shoppers who enjoy luxury shopping blindly, luxury mystery boxes are the way to go.

Luxury surprise boxes are the way to go for luxury consumers who adore luxury buying blindly.According to luxury fashion consultant Ron Rolleston, luxury mystery boxes may boost sales by up to 25% for luxury businesses with a sizable luxury following – and that's before any possible word of mouth among those consumers.

What are the contents of their opulent mystery boxes?

Grant believes that these must be high-volume things that sell well online. Luxury items like perfumes, cosmetics, and personal care goods with a high average order value (AOV) and gross merchandise volume (GMV) are some of them. This idea works for La Garçonne Paris: its luxury surprise box has been one of the company's best-selling luxury eCommerce goods in recent months, and the company intends to continue supplying them. Premium mystery boxes, like any other luxury goods, face stiff competition - yet astute luxury fashion firms will continue to unearth gems in the rough until they find what works best for them.

Luxury Market Research

As per a leading luxury retail consultant the mystery box is part of luxury market resaerch. Every luxury brand has to offer their clients the next level of experience with their luxury mystery boxes, better than what their competition is doing. The fact remains that luxury mystery shopping is ultimately about the premium client experience.

There is no doubt that if a brand cam provide an incredible luxury shopping experience, people will talk about it online and offline - which means increased interest in that luxury brand among luxury prospects aka 'luxury fans'. Additionally the luxury brand also gets a validation of being worthy in terms of luxury spending or gifting.

Can Luxury Mystery Boxes crack the code for discounted shopping?

Perhaps - yet this is not universally believed. While many such as AskMen, feel luxury mystery boxes represent the future of luxury shopping, there are some luxury experts who believe that they are just another technique for luxury firms to get consumers to spend more money. In a way many Luxury brands are creating methods to entice consumers to spend on luxury albeit even on things that they do not really want at that point in time.
As of now, premium players seeking circular solutions find the luxury mystery box idea appealing. For a premium e-commerce site, the luxury mystery box concept has yet to truly take hold.

There are many luxury pundits who also belive that luxury mystery shopping might be counterproductive for many reasons.

Challenges & Opportunities

Luxury mystery boxes are appealing to premium buyers because they provide luxury savings without compromising the element of luxury surprise. There are many who believe that the concept of luxury mystery shopping is fantastic.

Luxury surprise boxes are one of many revenue-generating tactics retailers are deploying to overcome falling number of visitors and are surely an excellent approach to engage luxury consumers encouraging them to make purchases.

Since luxury mystery boxes are gaining popularity there are many third-party technologies  available for luxury brands to create global luxury mystery shopping campaigns and tap into this massive opportunity. 

There is no doubt that success with luxury mystery boxes would depend on a variety of factors including the quality of experience, which should ideally include luxury-branded personalized gift cards, luxury literature, luxury receipts, and luxury packaging. The presentation of a luxury mystery box is key to delight luxury customers into sharing their luxury surprise shopping experience with others through social media.

Albeit, the concept of the luxury mystery box seems to be gaining momentum and might very well be the next big thing in luxury e shopping.


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