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wallywhy200 - Italy Based Wally Unveils a Collaboration With Sonus Faber And McIntosh

  • 26th Mar 2023
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wallywhy200 - Italy Based Wally Unveils a Collaboration With Sonus Faber And McIntosh


Palm Beach, Florida (April 24, 2023)

Wally is pleased to announce its new partnership with McIntosh and Sonus faber, world leaders in providing audio equipment of outstanding quality, the ultimate experience in music and cinema, and excellent customer service.

Wally, McIntosh, and Sonus faber are renowned for their aspirational performance, product quality, sophisticated design, technical innovation, and heightened customer experience, as well as their exquisite workmanship. This partnership is the first high-performance bespoke installation solution provided for the maritime sector by the companies.

On board the revolutionary wallywhy200, high-end businesses are excited to offer immersive music experiences to the water.

Wally's Managing Director Stefano de Vivo remarked on the new partnership:

"We are thrilled to introduce our newest partnership with Sonus faber and McIntosh. Our objective is to give our owners with the most modern onboard solutions to guarantee optimum comfort and enjoyment. I am certain that the outstanding quality standards established by Wally and the unparalleled expertise provided by McIntosh and Sonus faber will enable us to reach our lofty objective. Due to our common commitment with reaching excellence and the best possible technological standards, it was an easy decision for Wally to collaborate with these two businesses. Thus, there is a genuine, palpable synergy between our firms, and I can't wait to demonstrate the benefits aboard the wallywhy200."

Fiore Cappelletto, vice president and general manager of Automotive and Marine at McIntosh Group, said,

"Entering the maritime business has been on our minds for quite some time." "After gaining experience in the automotive industry, coupled with our company's consistent development of high-performance custom installation audio (which we affectionately refer to as "Ci-Fi"), we felt the time was right to enter this exciting market, and we couldn't be happier to have found a perfect partner in Wally. We are incredibly enthusiastic about the future of this cooperation, which celebrates the common pillars and shared passion of Wally, McIntosh, and Sonus faber, all in pursuit of the best quality experience and market-leading performance."

All manufacturers put a significant focus on producing technological solutions that blend form and function, while also assuring an enhanced aesthetic for the discriminating customer, with performance being the primary priority throughout the product development process. Each boat system is tailored to the acoustics of its installation location.

"In collaboration with the Wally team, we built a custom solution that combines the greatest audio solutions with interior design to provide one of the best CI-FI experiences ever. The concept is to transfer all of McIntosh and Sonus faber's audio expertise onboard, providing customers with the unique opportunity to experience the thrill of a movie theatre on their yacht and be immersed in the heart of the action," explained Roberto Gamba, Business Developer CI at McIntosh Group.

"Our greatest difficulty was to create something genuinely one-of-a-kind, so we seamlessly incorporated the audio system into the bespoke furniture, walls, and cabinets to fulfil Wally's vision. We are excited for consumers to experience the outstanding sound quality that our partnership has produced"

The systems are powered by Sonus faber's D.A.D. Tweeter Damped Apex DomeTM, Paracross TopologyTM, and McIntosh's Power Guard and TripleViewTM Power Output Meters, which are all registered trademarks. The audio companies conducted exhaustive stress testing, product validation procedures, and custom calibrations on each system to ensure that it delivers McIntosh's extreme power and Sonus faber's most natural sound in the yacht's surroundings for unmatched sonic excellence at sea.

wallywhy200 summary:
The wallywhy200 combines the spaciousness and comfort of a bigger displacement yacht with the speed and performance of a semi-displacement vessel. It was created by the Wally design team directed by Luca Bassani in collaboration with the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, Laurent Giles North America Ltd for naval architecture, and Studio A. Vallicelli & C for interior design.

Due to its widebody design, this 200 GT yacht provides much more room and stability than conventional motorboats, as well as spacious living quarters.

In accordance with a design philosophy that aims, on the one hand, to combine form and function through a distinctive and highly recognisable aesthetic and, on the other, to guarantee a new and immersive yachting experience with the element of water, wallywhy200 features a spectacular 4.7-metre-high glazed bow that houses a breathtaking 37-square-meter master suite with a 270-degree view of the horizon.

Due to the engine room's location at the other end of the vessel, this stateroom is also notable for its very high noise levels.The top deck has an eye-catching glass and carbon dome. In addition to the upper deck, the extended structural top with no supporting pillars is a design and technical wonder due to its extraordinary stability and strength.

Absolute novelty is the spectacular one-piece laminated carbon staircase that, in addition to its load-bearing function, is an extremely light element connecting the three decks and rendering the bulkheads superfluous in the enormous 50m2 open space living area, enhanced by a functional show-cooking kitchen.

Enjoying the sea entails engaging in activities that include direct touch with the water. The wallywhy200 is unrivalled in this regard as well: the folding beach club bulwarks, for instance, not only allow access to the sea on three sides, but also expand the living area to 32 m2, transforming it into a true terrace over the water, with size and features that dwarf even larger competitors. In addition, wallywhy200 has two garages with unprecedented storage capacity for boats of this size.


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