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Twilight Elixirs - Seven Days of Surreal Cocktail Experiences at AER, Mumbai

  • 29th Nov 2023
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Twilight Elixirs - Seven Days of Surreal Cocktail Experiences at AER, Mumbai

The mesmerising AER at Worli has metamorphosied from a mere rooftop lounge as the sun sets and the city lights commence to illuminate below, into a sanctuary fit for discerning cocktail patrons in search of an unparalleled and heightened experience.

With Twilight Elixirs, AER takes you on an exquisite journey of curated experiences this week that redefine the craft of cocktail craftsmanship.

Guests are invited to embark on a tippy journey. With themed evenings devoted to premium spirits and exclusive bar takeovers by renowned mixologists, every event guarantees to be a jubilant celebration of ingenuity, originality, and the limitless potential that the realm of cocktails offers.

At AER, Discover the Finest of India

India Cocktail Week returns for its fourth iteration, promising cocktail enthusiasts an exhilarating experience. The highlight of this year is the thrilling bar takeover at AER, Four Seasons Mumbai, which will feature India's crème de la crème—Sidecar, Lair, Hideaway, and PCO—prepared to offer Pistola Agave cocktails to give you a sample of the festivities before they officially begin.

Embrace the craftsmanship of five remarkable bars during a singular, iconic evening hosted by Alexandre Renoue, the Beverage Manager at AER, in the centre of the city. Aditya, Bar Manager at Hideaway, will demonstrate his prowess in establishing immersive environments through his 'Seance' from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Vikas, Bar Manager at PCO Delhi, will offer a 'Papa Don't Preach' and impart a touch of the speakeasy allure of the capital.

Navjot, Beverage Operation Manager at Lair, guarantees an exploration of avant-garde mixology from 9pm to 11pm. In contrast, Shubham, Beverage Innovation Manager at Sidecar, presents contemporary interpretations of traditional concoctions in his "Du Special."

Seize this momentous occasion to indulge in an unforgettable evening of excellence as these masters convene to present a selection of the finest. Viva unmatched cocktails and extraordinary experiences throughout the evening!

  • Date: Wednesday, 29 November
  • Time: 7pm – 11pm
  • Venue: AER, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Autumn Dusk with Jägermeister at AER

AER is scheduled to host an exclusive event on the evening of November 30th, which will be devoted to the renowned medicinal liqueur Jagermeister. This social gathering offers an impressive selection of exquisitely prepared Jagermeister-infused cocktails and savoury dishes. An assortment of signature Jagermeister cocktails, including the 'Ultimate Negroni', a delightful concoction originating from the renowned Dante NY Bar, will be presented at the event under the direction of Beverage Manager Alexandre Renoue. This original recipe stands as a testament to the artistic prowess that guests can expect to witness. The "Apple Old Fashioned" is a delectable option that offers a distinctive take, while the "Jagerita" infuses the evening with a piquant essence. 

In order to enhance the composition of the liquid symphony, Chef Shridhar, the culinary expert at AER, has skillfully designed a range of dishes that seamlessly blend with the botanical undertones of Jagermeister. Veggientorarians will delight in the "Jager BBQ Tofu Bomb," which features an enticing combination of delectable lamb that has been precisely seasoned and suffused with the luscious profundity of Jagermeister. These creative creations exemplify the multifunctionality of Jagermeister, which is elevated with each drink and mouthful, converting it into a lead ingredient. Anticipate a mesmerising evening where culinary ingenuity collides with exceptional beverages at Jagermeister.

  • Date: Thursday, 30 November
  • Time: 7pm onwards
  • Venue: AER, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Indulge in the symphony of flavours that animate on your palate as you explore the allure of signature concoctions intricately crafted by master bartenders. AER extends an invitation to delve into the extraordinary, appreciate the unexpected, and observe the convergence of craftsmanship and alchemy in each tumbler with each event.


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