Top 8 Fashion Bloggers of Mumbai

  • 18th Jul 2020
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Top 8 Fashion Bloggers of Mumbai

Fashion is something that we all connect on a daily basis and we all are aware that Mumbai is one of the biggest fashion hubs in the country. You've got to follow these fashion bloggers from Mumbai who are a combination of fashion, travel, beauty, and lifestyle. If you want to be up to date with all the latest trends and styles, then these talented bloggers should definitely be on your list.

1. Neha Sood

Followers - 22.9k

Instagram - @allaboutnehasood

A blogger, actor, and influencer, Neha Sood is a postgraduate in Luxury Brand Management and Marketing. She believes that her understanding of how the market works has helped her to take the path of an influencer. She made her debut in digital advertisement with Tata Salt. Ms Sood is a practitioner of the unboxing trend and has collaborated with brands like The Snapstore App, Sabhya clothing and The Beauty Co India, Zoomcar, Zara India, Marks & Spencer, and Huda Beauty to name a few. She engages her followers by posting videos about fashion, travel, and lifestyle regularly. With Instagram being her sole source of engagement with her followers, she ensures to instil positivity and eagerness in them.

2. Riya Jain

Followers - 317k

Instagram - @caughtinacuff

Riya Jain, the face behind caught in a cuff is an Indian fashion and lifestyle blogger. Starting in 2014 with her blog, she has become a prominent face among Indian Fashion Influencers and has even delivered a Ted talk. Her motto is “Just be you and do what makes you happy”. Popular for her fashion sense, she has reaped 300k+ followers on Instagram. Vivo, Bblunt, Oppo, Max fashion, Pantaloons, and H&M are few of the brands she has collaborated with. She wishes to start her clothing brand shortly which would have her diverse style collection that reflects her taste & offers a one-stop solution for all the fashion lovers.

4. Shivani Patil

Followers - 264k


Instagram - @shivaniipatil

Shivani Patil is a Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fashion Blogger who is famous for bringing the most relatable content to her followers. In 2015, she started her blog "The F Drug", and has been winning our hearts over with the content she creates ever since. In addition to her blog, she also has a YouTube channel where she shares fascinating tips that her subscribers perfectly relate to. She is known on Snapchat by the handle shivanipatil and on Twitter by the handle shivani161Patil. A TEDx speaker, Shivani loves to share her journey with her fans and instils positivity in them. She believes success is hard work, passion, and determination and encourages her followers to never give up.  She is a sensation within Indian Fashion influencers.

4. Aashi Adani

Followers - 133k

Instagram - @aashiadani

A beauty YouTuber and Indian fashion blogger, Aashi Adani has more than 150K followers on all her social media platforms combined. She started her blog "Dress It Out" which later changed to in 2018. Her motto is to make the latest trends budget-friendly and is also an aspiring model. She's known for her trendy fashion articles, beauty videos, and her completely honest reviews of new lunches by brands through her YouTube channel. Aashi has worked with well-known brands like Aldo, Garnier, Myntra, MAC, and Amazon. Due to the amazing content that she offers, people are hooked on to her and eagerly wait for what's next.

5. Sampriya Bhandare

Followers - 17.2k

Instagram - @sampriyaa

Sampriya Bhandare is a multi-faceted individual working in fashion designing, branding, and content strategizing. Sampriya has been crowned as Femina Miss India, Goa, and has used her creative harness towards mental health issues. Being the founding member of a jewelry sub-brand Ivaan Collections under Nirvana Arts Pvt. Ltd, she has various accolades up her sleeve. With over 17.2k followers on Instagram, Sampriya's style reflects nothing but finesse and comfort!

6. Alisha Pekha

Followers - 43.9k

Instagram - @theallyedit

The glamorous model, stylist Alisha Pekha boasts 44k followers on Instagram and has clearly mesmerized the audience with her impeccable taste playing dress up and her posing in front of the camera. Displaying a contemporary approach in fashion, Alisha works with both Indian and Western labels. She has also collaborated with various popular brands like Clinique, MAC cosmetics, Bath and Body Works, Smashbox, and alike. Theallyedit continues to inspire us with her niche taste in fashion and creative influencing!

7. Siddhi Karwa

Followers - 41.4k

Instagram - @siddhikarwaa

Siddhi Karwa, a popular face in the television industry also extends her success in the world of crafting and design. Founder Unfurl Studio, Siddhi dabbles with fashion styling, home styling, designing, and art direction. Siddhi's impeccable co-ordination between apparels and the surrounding interiors leaves one wondering a planned chic co-incidence. Describing her style as 'flakey' Siddhi likes to keep it classy and real simultaneously, making high fashion look like a cake walk.

8. Somya Gupta

Followers - 662k

Instagram -   @thesassthing_

Our very own Somya Gupta definitely puts the sass in everything she does. From beauty routines to reviews, this influencer has successfully managed to create a space that welcomes simple but elegant couture with numerous skincare routines and their reviews. Not only this, but thesassything is also a makeup mogul giving us major fashion inspiration, all through her IGTV. From different ways of styling a garment to her perfect winged liner, she explores all, effortlessly.

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