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Top 5 Fashion Influencers From Gujarat

  • 4th Aug 2020
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Top 5 Fashion Influencers From Gujarat

With their very own unique style, content and feed, these fashion influencers from Gujarat are ruling the streets. These trendsetters have a huge fan base supporting them and eagerly waiting on their next post, blog or video. Read up to get to know them better and embrace their fashion style.

1. Raveena Tekwani

Instagram - raveena_tekwani

Followers - 174k

Raveena is a digital content creator from Gujarat who is obsessed with makeup, fashion and wine. She has collaborated with 100+ brands for example, Starbucks and alike. Her interest in blogging sparked after she moved to Bombay for a course in Journalism. She has also modelled for various brands which lead to criticism around her height. But our diva battled it all and has become one of the very few successful influencers in Gujarat, helping various other bloggers to sustain in this venture!

2. Himadri Dave

Instagram - himadri_dave

Followers - 144k

Himadri is one of the most successful lifestyle and fashion bloggers in her field and her style manifests itself as her own label known as “Himadri Signature Clothing”. Himadri has maintained the Cs of class and comfort in her clothing line. Her Instagram proudly boasts her collection as she adores her creations proudly, giving us major fashion inspiration! She has endorsed several brands such as, Infinix, TheElectic Edit, Embark Perfumes, Skin Yoga and a lot more. So, what are you waiting for? Go hit that follow button and get ready to be inspired!

3. Siddhi Mehta

Instagram - @thedreamctchr

Followers - 107k

Siddhi Mehta is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from Surat Gujarat. She has done B.COM, C.S & LLB. Since the beginning fashion was everything for her. She undertook fashion blogging to start pursuing her passion. She is truly inspired by fashion and posts mostly about clothing, fashion, styles and beauty products along with travel studies. As an influencer she has collaborated with brands like TBZ, Whisper India, Vero Moda India, Lenovo and Ponds India. Follow her  Instagram page to experience the latest trends and her very unique fashion style.

4. Riddhi Jhala

Instagram - @ritzyglitzyblog

Followers - 18k

A blogger and content creator, Riddhi Jhala started her blog @ritzyglitzyblog out of her immense fondness for fashion, fitness, food and fun. Once she completed her bachelors, she knew she was going to get bigger and better at blogging, hence, she pursued her passion. She has collaborated with various national and international brands like MAC Cosmetics, Lakme, Amazon India, Ponds, Starbucks, Steve Madden and Brand Factory. She has even been featured in various newspapers for her styling, makeup, trends and tips. Riddhi believes learning is a lifetime process as she tries new things everyday. Catch her on her Instagram account for various fashion insights.

5. Shaili Thacker

Instagram - @dotrevolution

Followers - 15.2k

Shaili Thacker is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer, making the headlines for her blog Dot Revolution. She exposes her fans to the new trends, tricks and hacks in beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Dotrevolution is a blog full of colours and styles and as the name signifies, she says “Our Revolution Starts Where Fashion Ends”. Follow her Instagram page for the latest updates on fashion, style and trends.


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