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To'ak and the delightful world of luxury chocolate

  • 22nd Aug 2019
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To'ak and the delightful world of luxury chocolate

Story of To'ak

Chocolate is one of the ultimate luxuries of life. A good piece of chocolate can be an antidote for all the worries of the world. One of the best and the most coveted luxury chocolates in the world today is To'ak Chocolate. It is an Ecuadorian company founded in 2013 by Jerry Toth and Carl Schweizer. The finely crafted luxury chocolate bars are produced using an extremely rare variety of Arriba cacao referred to as Nacional cocoa.

To’ak came to life from a rainforest conservation project that co-founder Jerry Toth started in Ecuador in 2007. His nonprofit foundation Third Millennium Alliance (TMA), has established the Jama-Coaque Ecological Reserve, which currently protects over 560 hectares (1,400 acres) of tropical forest along the coastal mountain range. It was here that he began cultivating cacao trees and making chocolate by hand in a thatched bamboo house secluded in the middle of the forest. 


To'ak Mission

In the days gone by, chocolate was revered as sacred and virtuous. With the passage of time chocolate was cheapened and mass-produced thereby losing its pristine glory. One of the prime objectives of Toak Chocolate Ecuador is to bring back the magnificence of chocolate and also transcend pre defined boundaries to reveal new horizons for chocolate. This pure luxury chocolate journey commences on land through a detailed process and comes to a crescendo with the divine experience of tasting and pairing. The finest of wines and whiskeys allow us the privilege of exploring something sublime and timeless. Toak Chocolate aims to offer a similar privilege to the connoisseurs of chocolate. The detailed and process oriented art of chocolate making ensures that Toak chocolate is not only one of the rarest chocolate in the world but it is also one of the best chocolate in the world.

To'ak Vision

Toak chocolate has a vision to elevate the making and tasting of dark chocolate onto the level of vintage wine and premium whiskey, and to establish Toak Chocolate as the standard-bearer of the luxury chocolate market segment.


To'ak Core Values


Toak chocolate (To'ak) pays extreme attention and pours absolute care into every minute detail while making every single piece of Toak chocolate. The team at this Ecuador chocolate company does its utmost best every single time to make sure that single element of Toak chocolate is impeccable & extraordinary.



Toak chocolate pursues originality and authenticity in every single way. This fact is highlighted and epitomized by the single roasted bean in the middle of every single Toak luxury chocolate bar. The bean is a humble reminder & a symbol of the origin of chocolate fortifying the hand-crafted nature of Toak's chocolate making process further.


Art & Design

Every piece of Toak chocolate is a piece of art and creative delight. The luxury chocolate making team at Toak hold adherence to aesthetics as a supreme value in all of their actions thereby ensuring that Toak remains one the most popular chocolate brands in the world.


Distinctive experience

In all reality, Toak is a journey, a mesmerizing & immersive experience. The Toak chocolate tour provides you an exclusive opportunity to experience true luxury. This Ecuador single origin chocolate is a complete world of chocolate & beyond. Toak is in a way a context through which you can soak in all the splendid elements of chocolate and through all five senses.


Functional Values

The Toak way of life revolves around key functional values that define the Toak brand and are the cornerstone of our existence. These values include the following:


Excellence is an ingrained virtue for every member at Toak chocolate and the entire Toak community leaves no stone unturned to offer a perfect experience for its vast number of quality conscious luxury chocolate consumers. Since our commitment to quality is an utmost priority you will always find the best, whether its To'ak chocolate at Harrods or its Toak luxury chocolates online that you choose to buy.


As a morally bound chocolate company, To'ak is absolutely committed to social and environmental values; it is an essential element of Toak as a brand. There is a lot of positive actions that Toak chocolate takes to ensure that it’s social and environmental values are upheld at all times.

Knowledge & Innovation

An essential part of Toak’s growth as a distinctive luxury chocolate company has been their never ending quest for knowledge. Their persistent search for new horizons and perennial approach to fresh possibilities has helped them redefine luxury chocolates for the world. Their all encompassing spirit encourages them to create and share their leanings & discoveries with the world at large.

The To'ak spirit of exploring, innovating and finding fresh perspectives has helped them defy traditional boundaries and create a new world of chocolate. They have always believed and followed the ‘can do’ principle.

Emotional Values

The core values of Toak as a company has also helped it form an endearing emotional bond with its community and signifying the strength of human relationship between a brand and its consumers. The entire Toak team oozes with confidence because the core characters and traits of honesty, sincerity, transparency, dignity, friendship and reciprocal respect resonates in every aspect of this luxury chocolate company.


Mysticism, Exclusivity, Optimism

When you have legendary brand like Toak, there is abound to be a whiff of magic and excitement in the air, always. Toak shares, adapts and gives back from and to its fascinating surroundings, a whole world of delight and allure. Being inspired by nature, each story of Toak is unique and blended with true love.

Everyone is invited at Toak and no one is excluded from the warmth & joy that the Toak brand spreads across the globe. It honors everything that is exclusive & unique. It thinks long term value over short term gains and enjoys sharing each and every creation at Toak chocolate with everyone who acknowledges perfection and excellence.



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