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This Festive Season Choose The Exquisite & Timeless With ZOYA Gifts

  • 29th Nov 2022
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This Festive Season Choose The Exquisite & Timeless With ZOYA Gifts

Mumbai, November, 2022:

Zoya, the opulent diamond store from the House of Tata, offers a gift catalogue with an innovative selection of timeless jewels. With the conviction that the essence of luxury rests in the quest of meaning, Zoya celebrates its muse, the Zoya lady, in each of its exceptional creations via metaphors.

The jewellery embodies the premium house's everlasting dedication to creativity and workmanship, imbued with individuality and character. The exquisite talismanic ornaments created by Zoya are the ideal keepsakes for special events and joyous gatherings.

The attentive selection in Zoya's giving catalogue includes a variety of works from Zoya's expanding collection of fine jewellery. For its assortment of wearables, expressors, and global travellers, the designs draw from a wide variety of sources of inspiration. Master designers at Zoya are inspired by iconic locations such as Paris and Italy, as well as the spellbinding culinary talent of a Michelin-starred chef, the strength of an Amazonian jungle, and the architecture of an antique stepwell. Inspirations find analogies in the epic journey of the Zoya lady, which reflects her in both design and emotion.

The gift catalogue draws our attention to Zoya's high-end custom services. Clients may collaborate with the atelier's jewellery designers to co-create beautiful jewellery for special occasions from bespoke works of art. One may feel the brand's beating heart here. Inspiration, ideas, and dialogues are all tossed into the melting pot in order to create the most original works of thinking and self-expression.

The catalogue also promotes the Zoya Present Card, which is a perfect alternative for those wishing to give a unique gift while allowing the recipient to choose something special and enjoy the welcoming service of Zoya.

Zoya is a label for connoisseurs that symbolises the House of Tata's inherent qualities of trust and perfection. Only the most dazzling diamonds and precious stones sourced responsibly from the world's finest mines reach the hands of Zoya's expert artisans. The voyage to the atelier must adhere to Zoya's exacting internal guidelines. Each individually certified stone is precisely cut and carefully fashioned in delicate metal to serve as a symbol of history after being rigorously inspected and validated. This pledge of excellence is reinforced by Zoya's offer to purchase back every diamond at its current market value, so you can choose a gift with confidence and the certainty of the Zoya Promise.

Florence Baptistry Earrings:

The renowned edifice in the Florentine Romanesque style is portrayed as a custom cut amethyst drop adorned with stunning round cut-diamonds and cradled in a striking geometry of rose gold.

Ruby Floral Ring:

The style of this finger ring was inspired by the peonies used in Parisian weddings and festivities. Rubies of three distinct hues produce magnificent shade and colour gradation, so strengthening the flower's three-dimensional appearance.


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