The Swedish Embassy in Delhi Hosts a Sustainable Fashion Show

  • 22nd Nov 2023
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The Swedish Embassy in Delhi Hosts a Sustainable Fashion Show

Hyderabad, 22 November, 2023

In homage to the shared interest in sustainable fashion between India and Sweden, the Embassy of Sweden presented a fashion show that centred on the concepts of sustainability and circular economy. Furthermore, diplomatic relations between India and Sweden had been maintained for seventy-five years.

Ensembles comprised of Swedish sustainable textiles and intelligent materials were featured alongside garments crafted from India's hand-spun, environmentally friendly khadi fabric. A range of cutting-edge textile items were displayed, including garments constructed from recycled shirts and forest slag, garments that dissolved in high-temperature water, and even garments equipped with an integrated camera that communicates with the wearer – with a particular focus on fashionistas who are visually and aurally impaired.

Ambassador Jan Thesleff of Sweden to India remarked on the occasion:

"Atttendees of academia, industry, and designers who are committed to the development of a circular fashion sector have collectively contributed to a remarkable transformation of the Swedish fashion scene. By showcasing the most recent advancements in environmentally responsible materials and apparel, the "Fashion Forever" event exemplifies Sweden's dedication to holistic progress."

With collections from the Centre of Excellence for Khadi and a formidable lineup of Swedish fashion labels (H&M, Lindex, and the Swedish School of Textiles), the exhibition was curated and mentored by Sunil Sethi, Chairman of the Fashion Design Council of India. In observance of the diamond jubilee of Sweden-India relations, the Centre of Excellence for Khadi (CoEK) devised and produced a special collection called "Kajsa." The Ministry of MSME, through KVIC, and NIFT collaborate to establish CoEK.

"Our collection 'Innovation Stories' signifies a paradigm shift in fashion that is firmly grounded in the principles of sustainability,"

said Yanira Ramirez, Country Sales Manager for HM India. Our objective is to revolutionise the fashion industry by undertaking a collaborative venture that honours both our shared heritage and foreshadows a more environmentally conscious and fashionable future.

According to Anna-Karin Dahlberg, the Director of Sustainability at Lindex, the company possesses significant opportunities to effect change and advance the fashion industry's paradigm shift despite its considerable responsibilities as a key participant in the sector. Our organisation is delighted to observe the social and environmental sustainability initiatives undertaken by some of our associates in India.

An additional attraction at the event was a curated collection presented by the Swedish School of Textiles, which highlighted intelligent wearable textiles and bio-based materials designed to aid the visually impaired and deaf.

"Outdated apparel, including used workwear, was repurposed to create the garments."

Apparel constructed from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, including paper fibres, will also be on display. Susanne Nejderås, Textile Strategist at Science Park Borås and the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås, added,

"We also wish to demonstrate the innovative potential of smart textiles, given the significant role that textiles and clothing play in medical technology."

In addition, the Swedish Institute's "Fashion. Forever." exhibition was on display at the occasion. An assortment of advancements from Sweden's preeminent fashion pioneers were featured in the exhibition.

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