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THE SURGEON Unveils Limited Edition Custom Bentley Sneakers

  • 22nd Nov 2022
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THE SURGEON Unveils Limited Edition Custom Bentley Sneakers

November 2022


Bentley and the renowned shoemaker 'The Surgeon' cooperate on a multifaceted project including custom adidas Forum Low shoes. Ten pairs of custom sneakers, all of which are presently reserved by Mulliner clients and collectors.

Three cornerstones of the Bentley product line are portrayed in one-of-a-kind sneakers and automobile liveries. Dedicated to custom craftsmanship and design through the viewpoint of high fashion.

At Art Basel Miami, a one-of-one Bentley x The Surgeon automobile will be presented with a pair of one-of-one Bentley x The Surgeon adidas Forum Low shoes (Crewe, England, 17 November 2022) Bentley Motors has partnered with The Surgeon, a leader in the bespoke shoe business, to develop a limited-edition range of Bentley-inspired shoes for Mulliner customers and collectors.

The partnership unites two design legends, each renowned for their own combination of workmanship and unrivalled flair, to produce outstanding and distinctive fashion items. Bentley will debut the one-of-a-kind Bentley x The Surgeon car next month at Art Basel Miami's design week to represent the partnership. One purchaser will also get a pair of one-of-a-kind shoes, the 'Bentley x The Surgeon adidas Forum Low.'

For purchasing information, interested parties can check with their local US dealers.

The crafting talents and aesthetic sensibilities of Dominic, a self-taught designer and maker, centre on his ability to merge high fashion with street culture. By blending the junction of these two worlds with his artistic vision, he has effectively created a new shoe category. Similar to Bentley's ability to combine sustainability and creativity, Dominic is renowned for reimagining and fusing ultra-premium materials with shoes to create his own unique style.

The Bentley x The Surgeon relationship started in early 2022, when Dominic visited the Bentley campus in Crewe to immerse himself in the British luxury brand and investigate the diversity of materials, finishes, and unique aspects utilised in the development of each Bentley. He enlisted the assistance of the brand's coachbuilding subsidiary, Bentley Mulliner, to materialise extra innovative embellishments and unique aspects in his concepts.

Each of the limited-edition, handmade shoes has distinctive characteristics, including but not limited to Bentley's hallmark diamond quilting, cross-stitching seen on the steering wheel, and quality hides similar to those used to adorn Bentley's unrivalled interior designs. These lovely components complement The Surgeon's unique look and skull-and-scalpel logo.

Dominic and the Bentley Mulliner team collaborated to design shoes that reflected the spectrum of Bentley models. Utilizing the features of three automotive families, the identifying shoes include hues that are exclusive to their basic principles.

A concentration on performance reflective of Bentley's S and Speed lines. This shoe's colour scheme of Titan Grey and Cricket Ball deep red replicates the performance-ready sporty posture of the Continental GT Speed Convertible. The vehicle represents the peak of open-air grand touring performance and is the most dynamic Bentley convertible ever produced, without sacrificing comfort or elegance.As per the new Bentley Azure lineup, an emphasis on well-being.

The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Azure in Portofino blue exemplifies the range, offering Bentley clients a handpicked selection of amenities meant to improve the well-being and comfort of the vehicle's passengers, so making every trip, regardless of distance, a comfortable experience. The inside of the shoe has Saddle-colored accents to complement the shoe's outside.A pinnacle design to accompany the forthcoming unique Mulliner partnership vehicle, with a stealthy Beluga (Black) and Anthracite (Dark Grey Metallic) exterior with a matching Linen and Beluga inside, with more details to be announced in December.

Christophe Georges, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bentley Americas, comments:

"Since 1919, creativity and unique design have been ingrained in our DNA, particularly in relation to our private coachbuilding company, Mulliner. Connecting with and working with a like-minded artist like The Surgeon is not only gratifying, but also thrilling to see as we assist the future generation of varied artisans that share our brand values."

Dominic Ciambrone offers his observations:

"As a child, I built, painted, and sewed whatever I could get my hands on, not only shoes." Collaboration with Bentley is a time of great significance for The Surgeon brand, allowing us to present our ideas in a new way. They understand luxury and workmanship at the greatest level, just like we do, so it's incredibly thrilling to collaborate with them to bring these dreams to reality."

Regarding Bentley Motors:

It is the most desirable luxury automobile brand in the world. The company's activities, including design, R&D, engineering, and manufacture of its five model lines, Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, Flying Spur, Bentayga, and Bentayga EWB, are headquartered in Crewe. The mix of excellent workmanship, using skills passed down through generations, technical experience, and cutting-edge technology is distinctive to British luxury automobile manufacturers like Bentley. It is also a prime example of high-quality British manufacture. Bentley employs over 4,000 individuals in Crewe.

About The Surgeon:

Founded by Dominic Ciambrone, The Surgeon is a team of Los Angeles-based creatives whose mission is to encourage creativity, advance the industry, and push the distinctive and timeless skill of bespoke shoe creation and design. By providing a vast variety of custom-tailored solutions ranging from design and development to integrated marketing and branded experiences, we aim to energise our clients at the highest level. In accordance with our philosophy and commitment to our art, we do not compromise on materials or time. Our items are durable and comfortable to wear.


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