The Six Senses Svart Located at The Svartisen Glacier Poised to be The First Energy-Positive Hotel on Earth

  • 28th Apr 2022
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The Six Senses Svart Located at The Svartisen Glacier Poised to be The First Energy-Positive Hotel on Earth

First energy-positive hotel on Earth

This is one of the best examples of luxury and sustainability - scheduled to debut in 2024, Six Senses Svart, will be the world's first net energy-positive hotel. 

Booming demand

Northern Norway, with its increasing desire for adventurous and eco-conscious tourism, is one of the remaining frontiers for a self-sustaining, off-grid resort. Six Senses Svart's 94 rooms will mix modern architecture and technical innovation with earthy, organic materials that need less embedded energy.

Black & Blue but totally green

Svart, which translates as "black and blue" in old Norse, refers to the natural legacy of the ancient Svartisen glacier, which is located close within the Arctic Circle. Six Senses Svart is perched on poles above the waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord, at the foot of the glacier, to reduce on-site effect.

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The Gist:

At the foot of the magnificent Svartisen glacier, stands weightlessly.

It is the world's first net energy positive resort, thanks to ground-breaking technology.

Off-grid and carbon neutral, with all materials sourced locally and no trash sent to landfill.

Technological innovation will provide the groundwork for long-term growth.

Optimistic and visionary design

Six Senses Svart will be built on poles, similar to the "fiskehjell" (an A-shaped wooden building for drying fish) and the "rorbu" (a coastal fisherman's home). This will ensure little land effect and seabed disturbance. The hotel is the first in the northern hemisphere to be planned and constructed to the greatest energy-efficiency standard. It will capture enough solar energy to feed back into the system, powering the hotel, nearby operations, the boat shuttle, and the energy required to build the building — thus removing it from the power grid. 

These energy-positive buildings might account for 89 percent of the 45 percent reduction in emissions necessary to achieve the 1.5°C global warming target. Additionally, it will be self-sufficient, with its own waste and water management systems, recycling, and renewable energy infrastructure.

Take a Beat

Six Senses Svart's mission, in collaboration with the local community, is to motivate tourists to "take a beat" and promote awareness about the potential of regenerative tourism and the relevance of the arctic area. The initiative is committed to preserving the delicate and pristine glacier environment, as well as the property's beauty and quality. 

Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs stated of the brand's first project in Scandinavia,

"Sustainable properties need amazing imagination, and Six Senses Svart takes us to a whole new level in terms of pushing limits." 
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A cradle-to-cradle offering

The luxury hotel in Norway will provide immersive and purpose-driven experiences for its guests. They will be able to relax at the Experience Center, which will include light and raw materials. By transforming indigenous plants and animals into opulent perfumes and washes, the Alchemy Bar will celebrate the long history of regional medicinal traditions.

The Earth Lab will highlight "lifecycle living" projects both on and off the property, while the Svart Design Lab will demonstrate how new technology may help the hotel industry achieve carbon neutrality as part of a cradle-to-cradle offering. They will lunch in The Marketplace, a zero-waste space that blurs the barriers between food storage, preparation, and dining to create an attractive and lively atmosphere. Six Senses filters and bottles all of its drinking water on-site.


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