You dream for a place to live
A life, full of comfort
Wait, if you can’t find
I will tell you
Where to look
If you wish to enjoy life
With luxury, fashion and romance
That lures you
Its history that tells you the story
and art and culture speaks,
the variety of food could you relish
Come, Come here
the right place for you is Paris,
This French capital is known as the city of light
and where the magnificent Eiffel tower is!

Who could be more fortunate than you to afford a luxury estate here?

A temptation hard to resist, you could find affordable homes than any other place. Barnes Realty International issued a market survey that finds that Paris’ luxury real estate remains highly in demand, because of the city’s comparatively low prices. The leading Realty estate, Barnes Realty International says that the Capital city preserves a special place in the heart of international investors, especially when it comes to purchasing luxury real estate. Paris is irresistible for property investors, compared to London and New York, mainly due to its comparatively low prices.

It’s home to a magical bookshop.

It’s a meet up place for literary greats such as Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce and the famous Left Bank bookstore, Shakespeare and Company is a true Parisian gem. Paris café is the best place to kick back and relax, and there is something or the other to suit your mood. Secondly you could enjoy a coffee and a caress a cat at the kooky Le Café des chats.
High in Bohemian Belleville, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is a charming garden of meandering paths, caves and waterfalls and is a good place to spend the day with friends. Just think how amazing Paris is with all these amenities. It is wonderful for romance and the most visited capital city, the most cultured and best place for shopping. It has most detectable and remarkable tourist spots in the world. Eiffel Tower is the most wonderful place to see and also Louvre and Notre Dame for beginners.

The city of Paris is also residing place for more than two million people, with the larger population of its suburbs estimated to be around ten and a half million. It’s really good place and diverse place to live, with comfortable transport system and something for everyone, from the wealth of culture and history to cool bars and amazing restaurants, the laid back attitude and chic style. It’s no wonder then that the property market in Paris is bustling.

There is exquisite choice for property investors looking for homes either for themselves or for the real estate rental market in Paris. There are properties that range from classic to contemporary, stylishly understated to lavish, beautiful 18th century buildings line the streets and boulevards, and you will find more affordable studio apartments in the city.

Apparently, if you are planning to invest in one of the most visited capital cities on earth, prices are higher than elsewhere in France but, like London, New York, Singapore or Tokyo, you can’t really go wrong: the value of property keeps going up. You really need to know how and where you investing as property sell like ‘hot croissants’ here and competition only looks set to increase as large number of international buyers move to the city in anticipation of Brexit.

The city of Paris has numerous options for you to invest in Sea Facing Villas, Chateau, condominiums, penthouses, Manors, Holiday Cottages, Town Houses, Farm houses, castle, Vineyards, Estates, Thatched Cottages, and Bungalows.

There are a number of real estate agencies like John Taylor Paris, Haussmann Prestige Paris, Paris Luxury Homes, Paris Quest Sotheby’s International Realty.

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