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The Power of Emotions

  • 25th Apr 2021
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The Power of Emotions

Emotions such a cute little word for something that might take a toll on you or completely rejuvenateyou in ways you never thought was possible. In this new digital world being emotionally attached hasindeed become a luxury. Time is an important factor and it is this little world that makes you prioritisehow you plan on spending this limited resource. Brands have to understand this and realise thatemotional branding is the key to the consumers heart and it is this what sets them apart from theircompetitors.

Keeping brand technicalities and product features aside which I feel are largely unmemorable howeverconsumers do not forget how a brand makes them feel (I learnt this the hard way but trust me it's true!)In fact research has proven that overall emotionally connected consumers are 52% more valuable to abrand compared to a satisfied lot.

There are 2 key concepts here, "Actual self" & "ideal self". Actual self reflects present perceived reality of an individual. In contrast, the ideal self refers to one's aspirational self, which manifests a vision of ideals and goals related to his or her future self.

This actual self which is the authentic self seems to be influencing consumers who are seekingauthenticity in marketing messages. Therefore, marketing campaigns that incorporate authentic self as acentral theme stimulate intimate emotions and trust. One such example is the brand 'Aerie' whoseentire promotional campaign is based on authenticity. Their efforts have emboldened their consumers to be true to themselves and confident.

Sensory branding, Storytelling, Cause branding and Empowerment are some of the strategies thatbrands use to implement emotional branding. Now what exactly are they ?

Sensory branding- Marketing, now has shifted from being product centric to more customer centricwhich entails creating unique experiences for consumers. Sensory marketing focuses om triggering all 5human senses (taste, smell, sight, touch and sound). One example is Lush, a cosmetic brand, which hasbeen largely successful in employing sensory branding. Brands can further enhance experiences with theuse of retail technology like IKEA's virtual reality experience, Uniqlo's "in- store mood stylist" which isbased on neuroscience in assisting consumers to buy a tshirt based on their current mood.

Storytelling- Stimulating one's imagination and involving them emotionally is truly an art and a powerfulmarketing strategy to inspire consumers. As we all are aware that human beings are wired to remembera well told story rather than a random fact, narratives enhance consumer perceptions in a way that itinfluences their lifestyles, feelings etc.

Lululemon is a great example. The brand has portrayed itself as a lifestyle brand and use specificmessages in order to build a connection between yoga, spirituality and its products.Cause branding- This right here is another potential solution to the declining consumer attention span.Cause marketing is a strategy that offers consumers opportunities to make cause based purchases inorder to make a positive impact or change rather than their own personal benefit. When a brand raisesits voice for a cause it builds an emotional bond with its consumers.

Love your Melon is an e-commerce brand that sells beanies and hats to support the fight againstpediatric cancer. They donate 50% of the profits to non-profit partners working in the field of pediatriccancer research.

Empowerment- In traditional marketplaces brands have capitalised on consumer insecurities and madethem feel powerless by claiming to resolve their worries if they use their products (I mean, fairnesscreams, does it ring a bell ?). However empowerment marketing overthrows these traditional norms and makes consumers their heroes. These brands aim at empowering their consumers and boost their self efficacy and self esteem.

The biggest example is,"Just Do It" yes! Nike! Their campaigns focus on internal battles anddetermination that ultimately lead to heroism. This encourages an individual to buy a product not just tobe successful but be a part of something greater than themselves.

In this fiercely competitive world, consumers would turn to brands that appeal to their emotions.Emotional branding is aimed towards creating positive experiences for their consumers, encouragingthem to express their authentic self. Fashion by nature is emotional hence it is imperative for brands tofocus on the emotional side of branding and speak their heart.

In conclusion I'd like to quote something beautiful that I came across and thought would be apt. So hereit goes,"Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel."


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