The Metamorphosis of Veyron Siblings by Bugatti is Nothing Short of Amazing!!

  • 2nd Mar 2023
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The Metamorphosis of Veyron Siblings by Bugatti is Nothing Short of Amazing!!

Veyron Siblings by Bugatti - Transformed

Two early Veyron models were restored and certified by La Maison Pur Sang, Bugatti's official repair facility. A Veyron 16.4 Coupé and a Grand Sport, both part of the same international collection situated in the United Arab Emirates, were subjected to a rejuvenating and rigorous new configuration and restoration programme by an experienced Bugatti manufacturing team.

{The Bugatti specialised team also does a thorough inspection of all components, subsystems, and the drivetrain of the unusual vehicles.}

Afterwards, complete Bugatti La Maison Pur Sang accreditation was awarded for both models.

Luigi Galli, Bugatti's Heritage and Certification Expert, supervised both refurbishing programmes:

"As the Veyron ages, it is now more highly valued than ever before. When it was introduced in 2005, this vehicle's design and engineering were light-years ahead of its time. This remains true now, which is why the Veyron continues to grow in popularity among collectors worldwide. To call the Veyron a contemporary classic would be an understatement; it is a timeless collectable. And this notion that it is a true automotive game-changer is being felt at Bugatti's headquarters in Molsheim, where the firm is supervising a growing demand for the Veyron from new collectors worldwide."

Two Veyron models travelled from their home in Dubai to Molsheim.

The Bugatti Dubai showroom, the biggest Bugatti dealership in the world, oversaw the complete Bugatti La Maison Pur Sang programme for the 16.4 Coupé and Grand Sport. The client and Their team began conceptualising both Veyron variants three years prior to their arrival in Molsheim.

The owner was in close touch with the Bugatti team throughout the whole process, assuring the highest levels of customer service and communication.

"It was a no-brainer for me to have these two superb Veyron specimens revitalised by the Bugatti team as part of the wonderful Bugatti Heritage Program, preserving them for many more years of admiration and delight. As always, the Bugatti team's craftsmanship and engineering are world-class,"

stated the owner of two Veyron siblings.

Stunningly blue Veyron 16.4 Coupé

After returning to the Atelier, the 2006 Veyron Coupé underwent a complete transformation, with its look and interior meticulously modified to reflect client preferences.

In response to the customer's wish for a more modern arrangement, the Bugatti team in Molsheim redesigned it from its original two-tone grey and Cognac inside. The outside is painted in a typical blue duotone consisting of Black Blue M and Blue M, while the inside is reupholstered in Havanna leather.

The process of refurbishing started with the complete disassembly of the vehicle in preparation for the reconfiguration procedure. During disassembly, the technical professionals painstakingly evaluated and restored all components to like-new condition. It seemed as if this 18-year-old groundbreaking automobile had just left the Molsheim plant for the first time.

Slight Modifications to the Veyon Grand Sport

This automobile was one of the very first Veyron Grand Sport models ever sold. It was delivered to its only owner at the Bugatti Atelier during the 2009 Bugatti Centenaire celebration. The owner's request to the Bugatti team was straightforward: keep the car's character while updating the inside with modest new features. To bring more warmth and brightness to the classic design of the Veyron, the client elected to alter the primary cabin colour from Silk to Magnolia.

La Maison Pur Sang gave a certificate upon completion of the rigorous technical inspections, as it does for all Bugatti vehicles that undergo the procedure.

"I have adored these two Bugatti models with the other Molsheim super sports vehicles in our collection for many years. These two pioneering symbols of performance, design, and engineering are already well over a decade old, yet their status among automotive greats continues to rise. The only way to pay honour to such a revolutionary Bugatti masterpiece, in my view, is to keep the Veyron in pristine condition,"

stated the owner, a passionate Bugatti customer and longtime brand admirer.

The customer was so impressed with the seamless yet immersive La Maison Pur Sang experience, which was underpinned by a relationship based on trust, clear communication, and mutual respect with Bugatti teams in Dubai and Molsheim, that he is already contemplating how he would like to revitalise additional Veyrons in his collection.

In the last two years, Bugatti has delivered ten La Maison Pur Sang certificates, and in the years to come there will be more fascinating restoration projects.

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