The Luxury Pop May Soiree: An ode to Splendour and Sustainability

  • 2nd Jun 2023
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The Luxury Pop May Soiree: An ode to Splendour and Sustainability

The Luxury Pop May Soiree

1st June, 2023, Mumbai:

Luxury Pop, founded by Punit Anand, has been a pioneer in India's sustainable fashion movement for the past eight years, and with its recent merger with VRTT Vintage in March 2023, it has become the country's premier online marketplace for the purchase and sale of pre-owned luxury products.

Gabriella Demetriades, co-founder of VRTT Vintage, has joined as Creative Director for this revamped entity, and we anticipate the brand's legacy to expand exponentially due to her unique understanding of fashion, ethical consumption, and global perspective.

As a precursor to the impending World Environment Day (on June 5), the brand hosted a Luxury Pop Sustainability Soirée on May 31 that allowed guests to experience the behind-the-scenes activities of online reselling in real time.Luxury Pop is now focused on'sourcing on-demand' for its clients, with Gabriella at the helm of creative decisions.

In addition to luxury goods, they will resell vintage uncommon discoveries from around the world that also serve as profitable investments for the purchasers. To make an impact on the green consumerism arena in India, Luxury Pop is also providing Spa & Restoration services to its clients, which will extend the lifespan of their expensive luxury products.

Punit Anand, Gabriella Demetriades, and their beloved friend and prominent Influencer, Ishna Batra, co-hosted the event, which took place at the Bandra Deme Love store.

Numerous media representatives and social influencers, including Malini Agarwal, Simone Khambatta, and Sasha Tacker, congregated to commemorate this unprecedented merger.While there was a selection of new arrivals, including belts by Versace, Gucci, and Hermès, the 'Vintage Section' was the highlight of the event and entirely took the spotlight! As the name suggests, it was a display of historically significant vintage handbags.

One such item on exhibit was the Chanel Patchwork Multicolor closure purse, an emblematic bag from Chanel's Cruise Collection that Blair Waldorf wore in the season four premiere of Gossip Girl in 2010. This bag is resold on the Luxury Pop website for a staggering sum of INR 300,000, despite the fact that it has been on the market for nearly twelve years.Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel 11.12 flap purse from 1983, featuring the now-iconic CC logo clasp, was a further highlight.

This masterpiece, which was purchased in 2013 by the previous proprietor, is available on the website for the exceptional price of INR 300,000.Amazingly, the prices of Vintage luxury items continue to rise as time passes!

Also displayed were the Louis Vuitton Sac Lucie Mini shoulder bag, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Owl Pochette Felicie Chain bag, the Fendi Pink Shimmer Baguette bag, and the classic Lady Dior Mini bag.

These purses are priced between 60,000 and 250,000 Indian Rupees.What's fascinating is that all of these bags came with handwritten notes from their previous owners, explaining why they chose to rehome these lovely animals and why they will always hold them dear to their hearts!

Luxury Pop offers a variety of authentic designer handbags, spectacles, and footwear in addition to apparel, belts, and other accessories. With shared values and vision, the new and improved platform is poised to make a greater impact in the pre-owned and sustainable space by not only rehoming well-established Indian brands but also international luxury brands.

After establishing a name for itself in India, Luxury Pop plans to expand to other regions, such as the middle east. This action would not only attract a larger consumer base, but it would also facilitate the addition of Indian brands to the pre-owned market and increase their global accessibility.

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