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The Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai Appoints Prabin C.B. as Director of Revenue

  • 15th Nov 2023
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The Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai Appoints Prabin C.B. as Director of Revenue

Prabin C.B. has been appointed as the new Director of Revenue at the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, which is a momentous occasion. Prabin, who has an extensive track record in the luxury hospitality sector and a solid foundation in revenue optimisation, is poised to contribute his knowledge to the renowned luxury hotel located in the centre of Mumbai.

Prabin, in his capacity as Director of Revenue, will provide guidance to the hotel's commercial team in formulating a strategic vision through the establishment of objectives and execution of tactical initiatives. The overarching aim is to stimulate revenue growth among key customer segments, thereby augmenting overall hotel revenue and supporting the brand positioning and image of Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai.

Prabin, a former executive at esteemed luxury hotels and resorts throughout India, including Hilton Chennai, Westin Hyderabad, and numerous others, contributes a substantial amount of expertise to the Four Seasons organisation. For his previous employers, his strategic acumen and inventive approach to revenue management have consistently resulted in increased revenue and a substantial competitive advantage.

Prabin is renowned for his exceptional analytical abilities and profound comprehension of market trends, and was honoured with the Covid Warrior Award for 2021 by the International Hospitality Council – London in recognition of his exceptional accomplishments and contributions to the hospitality industry.

In accordance with the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai's fundamental principles of excellence and collaboration, he is likewise dedicated to cultivating a productive and cooperative workplace atmosphere.

"I am truly honoured to join Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai and be a part of this renowned luxury brand known to provide the highest level of service and value to guests. I am looking forward to working with the talented team here to further enhance revenue management strategies and contribute to the continued success of this exceptional property."

Prabin stated.


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