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The Exceptionals by AstaGuru - A Confluence of Timeless Elegance

  • 23rd Oct 2023
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The Exceptionals by AstaGuru - A Confluence of Timeless Elegance

Jewels, Silver, and Time: A Majestic Offering

AstaGuru presents "The Exceptionals", a resplendent auction set for October 25-26, 2023, featuring an unparalleled assortment of luxurious jewellery, vintage silver, and distinguished timepieces. With pieces hailing from both India and Europe, this collection is a testament to the enduring legacy of fine craftsmanship.

Jay Sagar, AstaGuru Jewellery Connoisseur, shares:

Our upcoming auction is an alchemy of rarity and beauty. Be it Zambian emeralds, Keshi pearls, or Burmese rubies, every artifact tells a story of heritage and opulence. This is a haven for both seasoned collectors and novices, offering treasures destined to be passed down through generations."

Highlighting the collection is Lot no. 32, an Emerald and Diamond Suite, a breathtaking homage to the Art Deco era. With Zambian emeralds set amidst shimmering diamonds, it speaks of luxury beyond compare. Similarly, the Burmese Ruby and Diamond Suite, lot no. 38, captures the heart with its intricate floral patterns set in gold and white metal.

Among the timepieces, Jehangir Readymoney, AstaGuru’s Timepiece Maestro, remarks,

The surge in appreciation for vintage and luxury watches has been remarkable. Our auction caters to this discerning audience, offering horological masterpieces from Rolex to Bulgari. Each timepiece, a symphony of design and precision."

Key watches include the Rolex 18k Rose Gold Day Date, the Patek Philippe White Gold Annual Calendar Moonface, and the Audemars Piguet Stainless Steel Royal Oak, each epitomizing luxury and artistry.

The silver showcase embodies grace with pieces like the European Six-piece Tea And Coffee Set from circa 1900, and the Sterling Silver Serving Trolley designed in the Art Deco style, echoing the grandeur of a bygone era.

A Glimpse into AstaGuru

Founded in 2008, AstaGuru Auction House emerged as a trusted platform for online auctions of Modern Indian Art. Over the years, their repertoire expanded, encompassing art, jewellery, textiles, and even vintage cars. In 2018, they pioneered an exclusive auction for vintage and classic cars. "AstaGuru is more than an auction house; it's a bridge connecting art enthusiasts with remarkable artifacts. Our online platform ensures everyone, regardless of location, has a chance to own a piece of history," they proudly state.

Expert Insight

AstaGuru's "The Exceptionals" is a true testament to the enduring allure of art and craftsmanship. Every piece, be it a timepiece or a jewel, tells a story of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Such collections are a rare find and offer collectors an opportunity not just to own, but to be part of a legacy. The blend of heritage and modernity in this collection makes it a unique and unmissable event for all art aficionados


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