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The Enigma, A Rare Gargantuan 555.55 Carat Black Diamond Goes For Auction at Sotheby's

  • 18th Jan 2022
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The Enigma, A Rare Gargantuan 555.55 Carat Black Diamond Goes For Auction at Sotheby's

Diamonds are precious. Black diamonds are precious and rare enough. However when it comes to The Enigma - an extremely rare and huge black diamond, you literally run out of adjectives to describe this beauty.

A phenomenal gem with rare attributes

Image Courtesy: Sotheby's

It is believed that The Enigma came from outer space and it is expected fetch around USD 7 million at the auction by Sotheby’s

The Enigma weighs an astounding 555.55 carats and boasts of 55 facets!

 The design of The Enigma focuses on the palm-shaped symbol, the Hamsa – which symbolizes protection, power and strength. 

The significance of this shape is given by its association with the number five, and is often imbued with symbolic meaning.

Treasure from the Outer World

Image Courtesy: Sotheby's

A treasure from interstellar space, a Fancy Black Natural Colour diamond was the largest cut diamond in the world at 10 kg and 350 mm (13.8 inches) when it was auctioned off in 2004, according to Guinness World Records. To have a natural faceted black diamond of this size is extremely rare and its origin is shrouded in mystery – thought to have been created either by collision with an asteroid or release from something on Earth.

The Science behind

Image Courtesy: Sotheby's

Carbonado black diamonds are an example of a rare natural occurrence, consisting of traces of nitrogen and hydrogen, abundant in spaces between planets. Osbornite is a mineral unique to meteorites that only occur once on Earth in the form of carbonados. The fact that carbonado's only added weight to the theory that these stones have migrated from outer space further proves their value as treasure for those who can find them. Hard to cut or polish, Carbonados are still immensely valuable and desirable.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

This gargantuan diamond is one that has never been seen before. The Enigma will be auctioned off on February 3-9, with participants able to bid online after setting payment parameters such as cryptocurrency. The super exclusive diamond will be exhibited in Dubai from 17–20 January 2022 and Los Angeles from 24–26 January 2022, and will finally reach London for the auction process between 3-9 February 2022.

"It will be the largest faceted cut diamond of any kind to appear at an auction."Sotheby’s


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