The complete guide to Luxury Digital Marketing

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The complete guide to Luxury Digital Marketing

The complete guide to Luxury Digital Marketing

Objective of this article:

To help every luxury brand to build a holistic online digital marketing strategy that aids organic growth and propels the brand forward.

Of course the fact that you will reach your target audience and achieve or even surpass your sales goals would be a by-product of this exercise.

We all know what digital marketing and effective social media marketing can do for sales. We have heard or read innumerable success stories about how someone leveraged the power of digital and achieved phenomenal success. However it is important to understand that like in real life, the online world also works differently for different niches.

You could see a lot of crowd almost daily outside an ice cream shop selling pocket friendly ice creams and on the same street you might see a luxury car showroom drawing almost zero customers for days and months even. However whenever the car shop sells even 1 car it achieves a turnover that cannot be juxtaposed against that of the ice cream store at all.

The above example is not to belittle or glorify any business but it is simply an example of how all businesses are same yet different. Same in the sense that every business needs customers and has to make a profit and Different in the sense that the marketing methods applied to pull customers could be vastly varied.

The same applies to digital marketing and of course to luxury digital marketing – the topic of discussion in this particular article:

Let us start by asking a few fundamental questions:

What is Digital Luxury Marketing?

Online marketing strategies for promoting a luxury brand or product or service including social media marketing, websites, search engine optimization, email marketing, blog writing, e newsletters, etc. constitutes digital luxury marketing.

Is it possible to market luxury goods and luxury services online?

Yes, absolutely.

Do luxury buyers (read wealthy & rich people) surf online or use Social Media?

Yes, they surely do.

Why should I learn about digital luxury marketing?

If you are a part of the luxury industry in any way whatsoever, the following data should spur you to jump on the digital luxury marketing bandwagon with utmost zeal, immediately.

The size of the global luxury market is more than USD 1 trillion annually and increasing healthily year on year. A sizeable piece of the luxury pie is yours for the taking if you can inculcate and apply some of the core online luxury marketing tactics for your luxury business.

Push versus Pull – Luxury’s golden rule

On the face of it one could argue that the best way to market luxury digitally would be to simply spend big and have your luxury brand muscle its way into the online ecosystem via search engines and also hog Social media as much as possible. This solution might look easy but remember we are dealing with luxury and a PUSH strategy for luxury can be detrimental. Luxury actually sells itself and to force sell luxury can prove fatal for the brand itself. Desperate selling can sound the death knell for a luxury brand. So everything that you do to market your luxury products online or offline should ideally be based on the PULL strategy.

How can one create a PULL strategy for luxury marketing online as well as social media marketing?

Let us look at 5 essential steps to build a PULL strategy for your luxury marketing:

1. Attention to details – the golden rule for luxury

One of the first quotes that you find when you google for “Luxury quotes” is a quote by Hubert De Givenchy. He simply states that “Luxury is in each detail”. This simple yet profound 5 worded quote is literally a golden commandment for an established luxury brand or an aspiring luxury brand. Attention to each and every aspect of your luxury product / service and also to every aspect of marketing/presentation whether it is offline or online is absolutely critical. There is no scope of compromise when it comes to paying attention to each detail. All your focus, energy and passion has to be directed towards getting the micro things in complete order and the macro picture will take care of itself. It cannot work otherwise. In other words luxury as a concept is a holistic approach to your own work / product and that approach automatically permeates every aspect of your brand including marketing & communication.

2. Quality versus Quantity

To mass produce luxury is impossible. Luxury is luxury because it is limited in nature. If you look at the first commandment of luxury it would be absolutely clear. Luxury demands absolute focus, undivided attention and uncompromising commitment.  Therefore luxury takes time. It evolves. It demands nurturing. It requires patience. The focus therefore has to be absolutely on quality and not quantity. Your digital luxury marketing strategy has to have this rule in mind to ensure that each piece of content going up on your luxury website, your social media handles and every piece of communication that your brand is associated with has quality of the highest possible degree. The amount of content could be on the lesser side but at any cost the quality of content has to be supreme, always.

3. Fact Check

Ensure that every blog that you post under your luxury brand or every news article that is shared is genuine and well researched. Verify facts before they get posted since there would be celebrities that are generally associated with luxury brands and any wrong communication from your end could end up harming your luxury brand’s reputation.

4. Do not overdo

Everything your brand does online creates a digital footprint and you want to leave behind good stuff.  Remember that luxury does not overdo. Luxury is stylish, it is subtle, it is classy and it is graceful. You look at some of the some of the biggest icons of luxury and you will notice one common trait in all of them. They never seem to try too hard and yet they appeal to us. When you try too hard to impress, you fail to impress. Therefore get the best professional help that you can while designing your luxury logo, your creatives, your graphics, while writing luxury content, posting social media messages, etc. Do not compromise on quality, ever. (I know that’s repeated but trust me it’s worth repeating and remembering too)

5. Keep it simple

Over complicating things just to look the “luxury” part is not advisable. Keep things as simple as possible. These would include your messages, videos, images, creative, slogans, etc. Keep uniformity in terms of your brand logo, colours, patterns so that users can see and feel the same luxury brand across various online platforms. This will help them connect and reconnect to your brand throughout their online experiences.

A quick ready reckoner for digital luxury marketing:

Find out the searches related to luxury digital marketing in your niche.

Refer to case studies of advertising strategy of luxury brands online that have been successful.

Research and find luxury marketing words and phrases applicable to your luxury business or category.

Search, study and apply suitably ideas from the best digital luxury brand advertising campaigns.

Apply a luxury strategy in every aspect of your luxury brand & online related activities.

Remember always that the pull factor is the best while selling luxury digitally as well as otherwise.

Seek digital luxury branding tips from luxury aficionados and apply them diligently to your online luxury marketing efforts.

Refer to luxury brands' social media case studies and inculcate key findings in your own social media activities.

Download the Luxury Abode luxury brand marketing strategy pdf by clicking here


Now that you have covered the macro aspects of the luxury digital marketing game, let us now take a plunge into the micro details of an all rounded digital strategy including technical aspects to be followed diligently by your luxury brand.

The following are the 10 most essential and crucial luxury digital marketing mantras that one should follow for finding real success:

1. Become a luxury thought leader in your niche:

Everything that you do across all your digital presence should make people stop and notice. The best way to do this is to share new thoughts, unravel new ideas, discuss luxury stories, share your luxury brand’s philosophy and become a thought leader in your luxury space. So focus on content, experience, substance and the take away that a user will have after visiting your luxury website, social media handles or any other way that a user experiences your luxury brand. The finesse, sophistication, grace and savoir faire should reflect in every conversation that you have with your users and of course the luxury knowledge that you share with your audience should enrich them. Your target audience, peers and industry colleagues should look forward to your next announcement, upcoming story, next post or your next online update. If you can create a sense of purpose, a sense of excitement and a sense of fulfillment then your luxury brand will attract your target visitors because they will find value in everything that you do.



  1. 1.     Formulate the Right Luxury Digital Strategy


With a solid foundation laid for your luxury foray, it is time to construct the right strategy with a clear road map and tangible set of goals.


A few important points could help you define a clear online marketing strategy for your luxury business:


  1. Based on the luxury product or service that you are offering, start with the simple task of identifying your audience and based on the same you can determine where you can find them.
  2. Once the overall audience mapping is in place you can start working towards a plan to reach this particular audience with the correct message to create the perfect impression.
  3. An extremely affluent audience has to be approached differently and treated differently to create a strong pull for them towards your luxury business. This will take creative thinking, attention to details and of course precise execution
  4. Set your brand guidelines in place and float all your communication materials around your luxury brand guidelines.
  5. Set your goals based on your specific luxury vertical, market niche, unique selling proposition and so on.
  6. Set measurable targets with regards to all your online and social media assets and work diligently towards achieving the same (for example x number of visitors in 3 months, x number of newsletter sign ups in a month, x amount of product queries in a span of 4 months, x number of Facebook posts, likes, etc.)


  1. 2.     Understand your luxury business goal

Your business goals could vary based on the timing of your launch, the condition of the market, trends in place at that point in time and various other factors. With the help of a basic understanding of the metrics and the pulse in your luxury segment, you can plan and execute a dynamic online marketing campaign. With time your goals could and should change. For example in the initial stages the objective could be to create awareness about your luxury brand, gain traction among the right audience and once a certain number is reached, the goal could shift to effecting actual sales, converting potential buyers into actual buyers, etc. Your strategy would be hugely dictated by your immediate and long term purpose. Once you can define the purpose of luxury offering clearly, the digital marketing part would be much easier to execute.

Remember **

The most crucial aspect to your luxury digital marketing strategy has to be a commitment for the long term. Your focus has to be to create a luxury brand that is organic, consistent and true to its customers. Sporadic bursts of digital pounding will not help your luxury brand in the true sense. Build it carefully, lovingly, passionately and for good.