The CIRCLE Collection by Shahin Mannan Creates a Stunning Impression at Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI; Zeenat Aman's Showstopper Adds Icing to The Cake!!

  • 12th Mar 2023
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The CIRCLE Collection by Shahin Mannan Creates a Stunning Impression at Lakme Fashion Week X FDCI; Zeenat Aman's Showstopper Adds Icing to The Cake!!

The CIRCLE Collection by Shahin Mannan

Shahin Mannan's timeless and imposing collection made a stylish statement at the recntly concluded Lakmé Fashion Week, in conjunction with FDCI.

The collection dubbed “Circle” presented unlimited design directions that would gladden the hearts of both male and female fashion admirers who crave for unique looks.

The idea was centred on harmony and unification with the circle, which appeared on clothing that represented limitless possibilities and inexhaustible creativity.

Innovations in fashion have been part of Shahin’s design repertoire for numerous seasons therefore, for the next months, her styles kept on the route of the inspiration that swung around the circle in an adventurous way.

The silhouettes progressed in tandem along the fashionable route of the theme, with oversized forms, circular motifs, and creative patterns adding variation to the collection. Fabrics, textures, and hues that were skillfully blended into the clothes formed the foundation of the collection.

Shahin's fabric card began with denim and concluded with Japanese crepe, while the colours remained monochromatic with a focus on vivid red and blue in addition to rust, black, and grey.

Wacky designs and decorations, some with trailing threads, for both men’s and women’s clothing, gave the outfits a dramatic effect. Prints of little and large dwellings, tubes, circles, the Eiffel Tower, and measuring tapes brought whimsy to the ensemble.

Shahin designed an outstanding collection of women's and men's clothing before moving on to asymmetric shirts with layered forms. Women's clothing included floor-length coats with voluminous lapels, while a slender sheath dress indicated elegant attire. A black denim ensemble with white contrast stitching and clearly displayed phrases such as WHOA, YEAH, and WOW OH drew immediate attention.

Suits for men included longer coats with placement prints, while co-ord sets were comfortable, large, and casual. The inclusion of bright coloured shirts brought a festive touch to the ensemble.

When Zeenat Aman slid in a black shirt and trouser ensemble capped with a slit, long-sleeved black jacket with whimsical red home designs, she was a graceful show-stopper.

Shahin Mannan's "Circle" collection for women's and men's apparel was all about fashion geometry that was transformed into fantastic style statements that consumers would want to add to their closets.

Shahin Mannan continued,

"It's always incredible to be at LakméFashion Week X FDCI. We were ecstatic to unveil our newest collection, which was inspired by the circle, a symbol of infinity and creativity. The circular motifs and patterns in our designs inspire a feeling of movement, rhythm, and harmony. With each design, we endeavoured to transform the beauty and adaptability of the circle into a daring and modern fashion statement. As our show stopper, Zeenat Aman ji was just outstanding; she stole the stage."

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