The Brand Story of Moschino

  • 8th Feb 2021
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The Brand Story of Moschino

Moschino; The Style Merger

Named after its founder Franco Moschino, Moschino has become one of the big players of the apparel industry. It started its journey in 1983 in Milan as an Italian fashion house. Today Moschino is one of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world. Now if it’s Italian it’s definitely commercializing leather accessories, shoes luggage and fragrances. The Moschino luxury brand bloomed under Franco and also after his death, by the creative director Rosella Jardini.

The parent company or the producer of Moschino is Moschino S.P.A which was then acquired by Aeffe S.P.A. They were completely responsible and in control of the brand management, licensing agreement activities, communications and coordination of the commercial policies of Moschino.

Let’s Talk Labels:

Moschino is currently sailing under the creative direction of Jeremy Scott. The brand Moschino holds various labels under it meant for different age group and different social strata.

In order of exclusivity and taste, MOSCHINO ( women’s and men’s main line ), BOUTIQUE MOSCHINO CHEAP AND CHIC ( women’s secondary line, created in 1988), followed by LOVE MOSCHINO (diffusion of men and women’s line). In addition to clothes and shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches, perfumes, cosmetics are also a part of their runway.

Wooing The Who’s Who

This top ranking Italian fashion brand is very famous for its vibrant designs and colors amongst various western Pop icons. Moschino has made a permanent place in the likes of celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Winnie Harlow, Lady Gaga etc. Moschino collaborated with H&M in 2018 to sell luxury to everyone with affordable prices.

Moschino always pursued fashion as an alignment with the tribe you are a part of. Its way beyond clothes and things those are put on the body.

“Fashion is more of an expansive vision of the choices and decisions we make”, quoted Jeremy Scott, the people’s designer. Moschino as a brand is in sync with what artists would call a futuristic vision of pop culture. In one word Moschino is FUN. Under the creatives of Scott Moschino is identified as clothes with emojis, bringing urban and street community into fashion community or even a bridge between childhood and adulthood. Moschino was actually the first brand that created fun and vibrancy with adidas apparel by adding wings on the side of sneakers, crazy colors, teddy bears and flowers.

(Picture from pinterest)

“Moschino over the years have defined themselves as a magnet for bold girls to make a statement. It’s not for fashion wallflowers” says Eva Chen, editor- in- chief of Lucky magazine. The design aesthetic is so striking with bright prints and outrageous color which is sometimes almost the opposite of fashion that people have proclaimed is black and chic.

Jeremy in a sense was very similar to the founder Franco in terms of creative perception and vision. Both of them aren’t well accepted by visionaries for their sense in fashion as they are all about their irreverence and tongue- in- cheek humor. Like Jeremy Franco always focused on the most bizarre objects and concept to turn into fashion. In an interview Franco mentioned his immense love for fairies and that’s where he drew inspiration for the first collection of Moschino.  The senior designer of Moschino in the middle of fashion shows once said,“ I have to rush to Milan for the fashion show and I don’t even speak Italian, but I speak Moschino”. In the end it’s all about turning fashion on its head and playing with the brand perception. You can bet that this mesmerizing Italian fashion brand has managed to that with elan.

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