Steeping in Style - The TCW x Chola Fusion at Lakme Fashion Week

  • 9th Mar 2024
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Steeping in Style - The TCW x Chola Fusion at Lakme Fashion Week

Tea Culture of The World (TCW) is teaming up with the iconic Lakm? Fashion Week and the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) to bring a unique fusion of taste and style from March 13th to 17th, 2024. This collaboration promises an enchanting experience, blending the refined tastes of TCW's global tea collection with the high fashion of Lakm? Fashion Week.

Tea Meets Fashion

TCW will feature an interactive booth, offering a journey through the world's tea heritage, from the verdant fields of Japan to China's foggy peaks. Highlighting this synergy, TCW partners with Chola, whose designs resonate with the essence of Japanese culture, mirroring TCW’s matcha tea tradition. This collaboration celebrates the art of matcha tea, embracing the Japanese concept of Ichigo Ichie, which honors the uniqueness of each encounter.

Voices of Collaboration

Dr. Rupali Ambegaonkar, Business Head at TCW, expressed excitement about merging the realms of high fashion and tea culture, showcasing Japanese tea traditions on the fashion runway. Sohaya Misra, the creative force behind Chola, shared her enthusiasm about returning to Lakm? Fashion Week with TCW’s support, blending the elegance of Japanese tea culture into her fashion line.

Cultural Confluence

This partnership between TCW and Chola at Lakm? Fashion Week X FDCI symbolizes the coming together of fashion and flavor, offering a sensory delight that celebrates the legacy of tea and the innovation of fashion.

Discover TCW: A Journey of Taste

Tea Culture of The World offers a taste of luxury with its premium tea blends, handpicked from the finest gardens worldwide. With a commitment to ethical sourcing and quality, TCW invites tea lovers to indulge in the diverse and rich flavors of its collection.

Lakm? Fashion Week X FDCI:

A Fusion of Beauty and FashionLakm? Fashion Week represents the amalgamation of beauty and fashion, showcasing the creativity of top designers and promoting the 'Make in India' initiative. Together with FDCI, it celebrates the spirit of Indian craftsmanship and innovation.

Chola: The Art of Minimalist Luxury

Chola stands for luxury in simplicity, with designs that embody comfort and style. Led by Sohaya Misra, Chola offers a narrative in each collection, embracing a minimalist ethos with an adventurous edge.

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