Spruce Up Your Abode With Frazer and Haws Exquisite Silver Home Decor in December 2023

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Spruce Up Your Abode With Frazer and Haws Exquisite Silver Home Decor in December 2023

Frazer and Haws

Classy picture frames, vases with elaborate carvings, beautiful silver platters, candlesticks, lamps, and a whole lot more are all part of the collection made of sterling silver.  Those who are picky about the quality of the art they display in their homes will find this unique, hand-picked selection to be an ideal resource.

Stunning silver designs adorn each ornament, guaranteeing that they will provide an air of refined beauty to any room in your home. Elegance and grandeur will be added to your home décor by this assortment. 

Starting as Rs 10,000/-

  • Contact:

Crown House, A 265, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024

  • Web: www.frazerandhaws.com
  • Phone: 7644020202  

About Frazer and Haws:

The 150-year-old British heritage business Frazer and Haws uses silver from the pure earth to produce works of silver art. Being the go-to for A-listers is something Frazer and Haws takes great pleasure in. A number of international leaders and royal families are among its clients, including the Prince of Wales and the Maharaja of Nepal.

All of their limited edition unique designs are hallmarked with the purity of 92.5% sterling silver, which is what sets them apart from others. They use elements such as metal, wood, and stone to create modern fusion designs; no other local silversmiths do this.

The baronial and imperial guests that include Queen Victoria, Queen Mary, Edwina - Countess Mountbatten, Admiral Lord Nelson, Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Queen Alexandra and Edward VII, Vita Sackville, Yash Chopra, Rani Mukherjee, etc., have their needs met by Frazer and Haws, thanks to their accomplished skills. When it comes to well made cutlery, Frazer and Haws has been an industry leader.

The inherited knowledge of the accomplished kaarigars has been crucial in establishing a standard for the realm of handcrafted wonders. The job is done in a famous workshop in New Delhi, and they get specific training in London. The surface of every product made by Frazer and Haws has three distinctive markings. What we call "hallmarks" are these assurances of the purity of the silver utilised. The London Hall of Assays is the official repository for the Frazer and Haws hallmark.

Since its introduction in 1300, hallmarking has protected buyers of gold and silver. One of the most crucial consumer protection measures, it now extends to platinum as well. The 'Sponsor's Mark,' which signifies the maker of the goods, is the first mark. The second is the label that reads "Standard Mark," which indicates how much precious metal is in the alloy. Finally, the year the piece was hallmarked is shown via the "Date Letter" option. This vast assortment of 92.5% sterling silver works of art shows the importance of Indian culture and heritage in our daily life.

A plethora of exquisite clocks, paperweights, keychains, picture frames, card holders, and more are available. Add a touch of regal splendour to your décor with these exquisite designs. Silver also appears in a wide variety of other items, such as bar accessories, serveware, desk accessories, trophies and mementos, and wall art. Additionally, Frazer and Haws excels in creating "Bespoke" items.

A masterpiece of handcrafted high grade silver, this piece is made with 999 silver ingots that are melted in-house into 92% pure silver sheets. It is then adorned with 24-carat gold gilding and has 8-12 microns of silver plating.

Before being hallmarked, the purity of the silver is verified many times using the internationally recognised and respected assay testing equipment, the Fischer Scope OS, which is manufactured in Germany. Careful selection of paper for packing guarantees that the cutlery will remain undamaged and undamaged in transit.

By quintessentially merging silver with monarchy and divinity, Frazer Haws has not only redefined authenticity and inventiveness in silver, but has also refashioned an age of silver.

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