Shang Xia- A Chinese Luxury Brand Marked By Traditional Appeal

  • 8th Apr 2021
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Shang Xia- A Chinese Luxury Brand Marked By Traditional Appeal

A beautiful fusion of Chinese and French character, Shang Xia is a contemporary luxury brand backed by the powerhouse Hermes that features fine living lifestyle products and more. It is popularly knowns for its unique appeal and creative aesthetic that defines traditional Chinese crafts.

The brand name Sang Xia literally translated to ‘up and down’ deriving from the tone duality of the nature of life itself. While it may seem like an odd name for a brand at first, it reflects a deep rooted philosophy describing the energies between the two life forces of yin and yang, traditional and contemporary, simple yet unique designs.

About the brand

Image courtesy: The MD Report

The advent of Shang Xia was a creative partnership between Jiang Qiong Er and the French Hermes group to contribute within the field of luxury living. While today, their products feature all sorts of ranges from clothing to furniture to lifestyle pieces, it initially began with a central focus on luxurious furniture.

The literal translation of ‘as above so below’ lays deep rooted within Chinese history which links traditions, humans and nature- bringing symmetrical balance between two extremities.

The brand stands as a testament to merging the past with the present and bridging the gap between tangible and intangible elements.

Shang Xia Products

Image courtesy: China Admissions

As a result of an effortless blend between Chinese tradition and French luxury, the brand has earned the label of Chinese Hermes by customers. Being backed by the international powerhouse, Shang Xia features leather goods, accessories, homeware and ready-to-wear pieces with all its raw materials being sourced from China.

Shang Xia’s products cater to the huge demand of creative luxury items in the market and operate based on Chinese heritage with high quality and a unique twist on Chinese aesthetics.

While Shang Xia is a true Chinese brand in spirit but it operates by taking inspiration from the heritage of the past and incorporating it into designs of the future. Through its long association with Hermes, it has never steered away from this intent.

It stands as a luxury brand that celebrates 5000 years of Chinese craftsmanship and aims to revive artisanal pieces with the launch of every new collection.

Image courtesy: ICON Singapore

Jiang Qiong Er is the artistic director and co-founder of Shang Xia. She is the daughter of the architect who designed the Shanghai Museum and the grandchild of an artist, so growing up she was inherently inspired by art.

After getting a degree from art school in Paris, her work was noticed by Hermes China who invited her to create an art installation for its boutique window.

Through this project she met the CEO of Hermes, Patrick Thomas who discussed their shared opinions on Chinese culture and heritage which eventually led to the invention of Shang Xia.

Today, the international brand has 15 stores across the world and is looking at a global expansion with an interest in the Singapore market.

It will be interesting to see how Shang Xia continues to broaden its scope as a global brand and tap into both the Chinese and European luxury market.

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