Seychelles re-opens with strict controls, only private jets allowed

  • 13th Jun 2020
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Seychelles re-opens with strict controls, only private jets allowed

An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa, The Seychelles is also known as the paradise on Earth. It is a famous honeymoon destination from luxury travelers.

The Seychelles’ International airport recently resumed its operations. According to the health authorities, only the visitors who will be travelling on chartered flights and private jets will be allowed.

Before visitors are allowed in the country the establishment where they are going to stay have to satisfy certain criteria and guidelines that will be put in place by the health and tourism department from time to time.

As per Jude Gedeon, Public Health Commissioner, ”The visitors will not be allowed to leave their resorts. Furthermore, it will be necessary for them to do a COVID test 48 hours before taking a flight to Seychelles. There would be a rapid test system in place at the airport as well that would allow the visitors to be tested again before commuting to their resorts. The commuting to their resorts will also be in a controlled manner”.

It is most likely that the commercial flights will not resume until August.

The health authorities have spoken to the hoteliers about preparing themselves for the implementation of the new safety measures.

As per Gedeon, even if any Seychellois is coming from a place where the virus is still being transmitted, he would be asked to wait and will not be allowed in Seychelles.

As per the health authorities, there are no new cases detected in Seychelles, all of the 11 patients of Seychelles have been totally cured, however there are 90 people who are still in quarantine.

This is a great opportunity for the companies dealing in private jets. Private jets can be highlighted as extra safe. As per an analysis by Austria-based GlobeAir, the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 is 30 times lower for private and chartered jet flyers as compared to the airlines. Using private jets can reduce potential exposure to the virus.

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