Sang E Casa

Art décor and art actually go hand in hand. Sang E Casa creations are the most appropriate examples of this unison. An absolute treasure trove of creativity, art and uniqueness, every Sang E Casa creation is true luxury indeed.

Not only is a Sang E Casa artifact rare, limited, unduplicatable and unique but it also a tribute to Nature. The core belief that Sang E Casa thrives on is that all creations of nature are masterpieces of luxury.

Even the minutest atom, each human being, every living being, each & every tree, the sky, the stars, the Sun, the moon and even the ordinary stones are examples of true luxury.

Nothing is mundane and everything that Nature creates is nothing but luxury.Look and compare two leaves, carefully observe two pebbles and focus your attention on anything that Nature has created, you will be amazed, Nature never duplicates.Everything is indeed, unique & different. Depending on your perspective things could be ugly, beautiful, good or bad but nothing natural is the same.

The birth of Sang E Casa has been out this very intrinsic peculiarity of nature. Sang E Casa is a beautiful synthesis of existence, intuition, and a beautiful symphony of imagination and passion. All these beautiful qualities have been mingled elegantly with persistent determination.

An initiative of Mr. Munish Gangwal, an artist solely driven by creative energy, Sang-e-Casa is indeed a personification of imagination and science in blissful tandem.

The birth of a Sang E Casa luxury artefact originates with sourcing of rocks, stones, pebbles from the Himalayas and other regions of India based on their natural interesting designs & patterns.

These are then carefully put together through a highly scientific process to conjure up extremely interesting figures & master pieces of art.

The artist & his team use raw imagination, a highly scientific process and combine that with Mother Nature’s unique offerings to create luxury masterpieces where nature truly has the upper hand.


Sculptures & Sang E Casa

Generally a sculpture is the making of a work of art by the process of chiseling and breaking of rocks and stones to create designs & figures. The natural gives way to the imagination of the sculptor in the art of sculpture making. Sang e Casa is unique because here the artist is not “creating”, rather the artist is simply working with Mother Nature to gift wrap her original and unique creations into works of art.



Limited edition

Every Sang e Casa artefact is truly original, made by nature and non-repeatable, even by the Sang e Casa team itself.  The true measure of a luxury connoisseur worth his or her salt is the limited edition collections of luxury that he or she possesses. Well, each and every Sang e Casa artefact is a limited edition. There is simply no way any person or machine that can duplicate any Sang e Casa artefact, ever.


The Sang e Casa team applies extremely modern & science driven technologies like sand blasting, diamond drilling, acid wash, carbon welding and steel reinforcements to create each Sang e Casa masterpiece, albeit keeping nature at the forefront. There is a natural finishing touch by use of stone powder as the top coat. Coloured artefacts are created with a premium quality of “Meena” from the jewellery industry.



Ultimate home décor

Millions of years of exclusive artistry, intricate textures & mesmerizing patterns are all infused in these rocks and stones – naturally. Every Sang e Casa artefact is therefore, by default, an expression of the Divine and the artist simply enhances & accentuates these natural expressions. As a true luxury home décor, Sang e Casa is the closest that you can get to the ultimate, unique & timeless beauty of nature.

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