Redefining Luxury Education - Helen Cooper School of Luxury

  • 13th Sep 2021
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Redefining Luxury Education - Helen Cooper School of Luxury

The world of luxury is a massive, glamorous and undeniably nuanced one.

There are multiple facets and unspoken rules; an undercurrent of effortless grace acting as the driving force behind all that takes place.

As a newcomer, or as a luxury business on the rise, it might be challenging to navigate the ever-changing waters of luxury without sufficient guidance.

The Helen Cooper School of Luxury will be your guide.

Helen Cooper, the founder of the HC school of luxury, has over 35 years of experience in the luxury industry, having worked with the biggest names throughout the globe.

The courses offered by this school are an amalgamation of the bulk of this knowledge, arranged in a systematic and organised manner, designed to help you and your brand smoothly integrate yourself into the luxury world.

How it began

Helen has been working with several multinational companies in the world, and over time, noticed a key shift in the present-day luxury market. Owing to the new age luxury consumers, namely the Millennials and Gen Z, the luxury shift has created opportunities for luxury markets in developing markets such as India.

However, after discussions with Indian entrepreneurs, Helen realised that despite the massive potential in the luxury market, there was something that was holding back these individuals from zooming ahead in the industry.

They were creative, passionate and dedicated.

What, then, was the problem?

On further scrutiny, she found it was simply a lack of these two fundamental things- knowledge and confidence. And in that moment, she decided she would be the one to help them overcome this hurdle.

How it’s going?

The ‘Find Your Future in Luxury’ course offers not only a detailed and rich insight into making it in the luxury industry, but also follows a highly practical approach while doing so. Developed over a span of two years, it is a culmination of Helen’s experience, tips, advice, strategies for brand creation and marketing excellence that she has accumulated throughout the course of her lifetime.

It is made richer by the fact that it includes thoughts and suggestions by the many entrepreneurs she has mentored globally, who wished they had had access to all this data when they were starting out!

To make it more relatable and approachable for Indian businesses, the course lays emphasis on India’s glorious entrepreneurial heritage instead of simply listing arbitrary examples from the Western world. Having said that, Helen believes more in the power of application than in reading bits of history. Therefore, the course is structured very systematically, each module focuses on one primary topic, and the inclusion of workbooks ensures that students have an opportunity to explore the practical usage of all they have learnt.

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