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QUIET, By Anavila - A Selection of Khadi Sarees & Separates That Immerse You in The Contemplative Peace of Enduring Workmanship

  • 22nd May 2022
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QUIET, By Anavila - A Selection of Khadi Sarees & Separates That Immerse You in The Contemplative Peace of Enduring Workmanship

Quiet Impressive

Indian muslins are a work of art that are prized in the collections of the world's most renowned institutions and serve as a timepiece. Their originality and skillful presentation are comparable to the jewellery and art adorning the walls and wardrobes of royalty and commoners. They have endured empire and the industrial revolution, and they continue to flourish in a world where yesterday's innovation is today's history. Khadi is a symbol of independence for Indians, representing a moment when we as a nation chose peace as a protest against oppression. 

The newest collection by Anavila Misra, titled "Quiet," ruminates on the peacefulness of this cherished fabric that is as ancient as our history.

Anavila said,

"For me, Khadi is just a textile but a way of life; having seen it for more than a decade during my work in West Bengal, I wanted to impart my view on this cloth. I have worked with weavers for decades to determine the possibilities of handmade linen, and throughout that time I have always seen khadi artisans. I have been captivated by the peaceful, contemplative serenity that spinning yarn, dying yarn, and weaving provide. The tranquilly of their whole process is reflected in the cloths they weave." 


Anavila began collaborating with artisans to investigate khadi as a capsule collection and found herself immersed in it three years ago. Despite the epidemic, this collection was assembled... Slowly, quietly, meditatively.

The collection of sarees and separates for ladies, Quiet by Anavila Misra, is the culmination of decades of immersion and three years of collaboration. This collection brings mindfulness to life through thinking, method, and product. 

Not only is "Quiet" a commemoration of the beautiful past, but it is also an effort to create an everyday modern clothing line that enables each of us to bring the fabric's tranquilly into our daily lives.

Anavila sought to expand upon the lexicon of the khadi heritage by incorporating classic themes of flowers, birds, and fruits into this collection. 



In addition to finely woven saris, this line contains natural-dyed white, peach, indigo, green, ecru, yellow, pink, and red nova sets, kaftans, and scarves. Gold and silver intricate embroidery inspired by jamdani designs offer a sense of enchantment.


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