Potro is a Finalist in the Activewear / Casualwear Category for the Fashion Group International Rising Star Awards

  • 20th Apr 2023
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Potro is a Finalist in the Activewear / Casualwear Category for the Fashion Group International Rising Star Awards

FGI Rising Star Awards - Potro

New York (20 April 2023)

The 27th annual Fashion Group International, Inc. (FGI) Rising Star Awards red carpet ceremony and event will be held at the Lighthouse in Midtown Manhattan on May 8 from 11am to 2pm.

As a finalist for the RISING STAR AWARDS 2023, Potro is delighted and honoured to be a part of FGI history.

Featuring the Summer 2023 Potro Collection: Honouring Latin Culture

Spanish-inspired brand Potro unveiled its SS23 collection featuring Latino-American boxer Brian Ceballo, Summer House star Chris Leoni, and Latino-American singer/songwriter Daniel Jude, known for his hits "Dancing Slowly" and "Wild Heart" Joseph DeAcetis, fashion director and originator of Potro, collaborated closely with the singer to compose "Potro." The song encapsulates the essence of Latin romanticism and motivates us all to look up and forward for the SS23 collection. 

Designed to honour and commemorate the unification of Latino culture in America, Potro utilises menswear heritage to create a new style frontier. The polo shirt is the brand's focal point.  Its collar, which features loose pleats or intricate textures, and its prestigious Potro insignia reaffirm the polo shirt's status as an item deserving of fresh consideration. 

According to Joseph DeAcetis, founder and CEO of Potro Inc., the influence of Hispanic/Latino culture on American art, music, and fashion has been monumental.

"These polo shirts are evidence of the importance of Spanish heritage and influence in the United States of America. The diversified experiences of Latinos have inspired these distinct and original variations on this classic style."

Potro collaborates with family-owned Peruvian factories to produce a unique fabric that is soft, lightweight, permeable, and comfortable. Each garment is cut and stitched by skilled artisans to produce a polo shirt with unmatched aesthetic, quality, comfort, and fit. Potro is committed to providing timeless apparel crafted by fairly compensated artisans who receive their reasonable share of the value created.

The $149 Potro polo shirt is available in a variety of colours and can be worn with any outfit. On Potro.com, all products are available for purchase.

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