Organic Clothing Brand 'Greendigo' Brings In The Festive Spirit By Spreading Love At Trishul

  • 24th Dec 2020
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Organic Clothing Brand 'Greendigo' Brings In The Festive Spirit By Spreading Love At Trishul

They say there is no greater joy than the joy of giving, especially around the festive season where celebrating with your loved ones and putting a smile on their face becomes the highlight of your day, making it all the more special.

With the intent of getting into the Christmas spirit, Greendigo has decided to give back to the community in its own wonderful way.

Founded in 2019 by sister-duo, Meghna and Barkha, Greendigo is the outcome of a visible disparity in the billion-dollar kids clothing industry that was spotted by them both. They noticed how there was an apparent growth in the use of toxic materials and synthetic fibers to make clothes for children and how brands were exploiting this narrative.

Because of the evident sheer lack of clean and organic clothing wear for children, they invested in bringing Greendigo Organic Clothing to life.

Greendigo features sustainable and environment friendly cotton clothing for kids up to the age of 12 that are completely free of chemicals, ensuring the safest and best quality of apparel, made mindfully with love.

Reflecting back on what inspired them to tread on this journey, Meghna and Barkha look back on their childhood days growing up in Jaipur city, where they have fond memories of celebrating every birthday at orphanages, giving gifts, playing and spreading joy with the kids.  

Even at home, they remember their house staffs children being sent to English medium schools and colleges to complete their education whereas the house staff themselves were always encouraged to take up some form of vocational training in their free time to upgrade their skills.

Little did they know that this tradition would form the basis of their business, which is why it was incredibly important to them to give back to society by having a part of their business proceeds dedicated to the underprivileged.

Co-founder Meghna shares her experience on how incredible it is to see the look of joy on the faces of these kids when they see gifts for them on Christmas. All children love receiving gifts and so to be able to do this through Greendigo is simply fulfilling altogether.

Apart from this, the brand also indulges in providing clean cotton clothing and sustainable unused production samples to kids in slum areas and economically weak villages, especially during the festive season. They strongly believe that clean clothing is a privilege that every child deserves to have, irrespective of their economic status.

Adding to this, Barkha believes that this festive season, it is essential to be mindful of those who are in need. With the pandemic in place, it has changed the livelihood of numerous artisans and craftsmen and therefore, through conscious giving and responsible gifting we can do our part in making people feel happy, safe and special even through tough times.

In order to successfully carry this initiative out, Greendigo has had a long-standing association with Trishul, which is a Mumbai based NGO that relentlessly works towards providing underprivileged children with quality education. They provide clean cotton organic garments to children, which not only makes these kids heartwarmingly happy, but also ensures that unused inventory is used in the best way possible.

It is said that nearly 60% of rejected clothing materials end up in landfills, resulting in harsh long term effects on our planet.

By distributing meaningful gifts amongst children in and around urban slum areas and seeing the look of happiness on their faces after receiving a Christmas gift for the very first time, brings them and the entire team at Greendigo a feeling of fulfillment and happiness that is absolutely unparalleled.

To find out more information about Greendigo and their environmental friendly services, click the link below.


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