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One Night at the Chateau - An Extraordinary Experience & Exclusive Access to the Bugatti Mansion

  • 13th Oct 2022
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One Night at the Chateau - An Extraordinary Experience & Exclusive Access to the Bugatti Mansion

The Chateau Saint-Jean is home to Bugatti Automobiles' management. In 1928, Ettore Bugatti bought the property with the intention of using it as a place to host guests, clients, racing drivers, and other notables. This historic property has never housed a single overnight visitor.

It was constructed by the Wangen de Geroldseck family in 1857, and its walls resound with the sounds of opulent dinner parties for the elite of the 20th century. Its front stairs are eternally worn by visitors to Ettore's home who will never forget their stay. Often transported in Ettore Bugatti's personal Type 41 Royale – the world's most luxury automobile – guests would approach via an exquisite stone archway erected inside a 15th-century ruin and bent gently (but not intentionally) to resemble the Bugatti radiator. It was always an event.

The slogan "One Night at the Chateau" wasn't utilised until now, when Bugatti invited a select group of VIPs to spend the night at the chateau. The geodesic dome was built so that guests of the Chateau may relax in comfort while being surrounded by a forest where a herd of wild deer roams freely.

The immense grounds of the estate, notably the majestic Remise Nord and Remise Sud, which had been converted into stables during World War II, were completely restored to its former splendour in the early 2000s. A Type 41 Royale, an early iteration of today's ultra-luxury vehicles, has joined a Type 35 behind the Remise Nord's locked doors. These things, plus the unveiling of an electric Type 56, show how technologically advanced the company is.

For the once-in-a-lifetime "Night at the Castle," guests rode in a Bugatti Type 51 and then strolled down a dirt road in front of the chateau to the Remise Sud, which was outfitted with Bugatti furnishings and held the first phases of Bugatti development, including automotive customization. Customers may look at examples of their vehicle's custom paint job, interior trim, and other options here. Their future Bugatti car is shown in stunning detail on high-definition screens, with audio provided by TIDAL's special Bugatti "Royale" speakers, which feature diamond diaphragms for a realistic listening experience.

The Orangerie is the first place visitors see as they leave the Remise Sud, and it's a nice place to relax or play a quick game of billiards. The centrepiece of the lively Orangerie is a Bugatti pool table by IXO, which has a blue carbon fibre finish reminiscent to that seen on modern Bugatti vehicles. Ball pockets are made of stainless steel and lined with leather; drawer sides are CNC-machined, brushed, and anodized aluminium. They have a Bugatti Baby II, a fully electric reimagining of the Type 35 at 75% size, parked next to them in the Orangerie. The Bugatti Atelier may be seen from the Orangerie's transparent walls.

This really unique day concludes with a night beneath the stars in the open sky dome, surrounded by a grove of oak trees – some of which are more than 250 years old – filled with a herd of 14 fallow deer and alive by the sounds of animals ringing through the quiet night air. Guests will then awaken with a fresh perspective of the Chateau Saint Jean's enchantment.


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