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OBEETEE Launches Woven Promises Scheme, Redefining Luxury Carpet Ownership

  • 15th Sep 2023
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OBEETEE Launches Woven Promises Scheme, Redefining Luxury Carpet Ownership

September 2023 Bharat:

The pioneer in luxury carpets, Obeetee Retail Private Limited, is pleased to introduce "Woven Promises" an exclusive offering that redefines how consumers experience luxury and authenticity in carpets.

Under the "Woven Promises" programme, purchasers of Obeetee carpets with more than 190 knots per square inch will be rewarded. By providing a certificate of authenticity, Obeetee guarantees the originality of design and brand. Moreover, a 25-year buy-back guarantee is a central component of the programme, allowing consumers to return eligible carpets to Obeetee. The buy-back amount, up to 100% of the invoice price (excluding Goods and Services Tax), will be determined based on the carpet's condition, with Obeetee's judgement playing a crucial role.

Customers have between three and twenty-five years from the date of their invoice to take advantage of this offer. The transaction concludes once the condition of the carpet has been thoroughly inspected to Obeetee's complete satisfaction. The returned carpets must be undamaged, ensuring that they are in excellent condition.

Obeetee will issue a credit note equal to the buy-back amount upon the acceptance of a qualifying carpet. The consumer may redeem this credit note, which is valid for one year from the date of issuance, for an alternative purchase of an Obeetee carpet either online or in-store.

The complete value of the credit note must be used in a single transaction. If the full value is not used, the remaining balance will be forfeited. Importantly, the Credit Note can only be applied to the selling price of a specific Obeetee carpet and cannot be used to modify tax amounts, including the Goods and Services Tax.

With this scheme, Obeetee is enabling customers to not only own a masterpiece but also enjoy the assurance of long-term quality, this will also reflect how Obeetee is a customer centric brand.This attractive offer cannot be combined with other Obeetee promotions currently in effect. The "Woven Promises" programme is applicable for purchases of eligible carpets made on or after the launch date.

"At OBEETEE Carpets, we believe that each fibre has a story to tell. With 'Woven Promises,' we give you the opportunity to not only rewrite your luxury narrative, but also create a work of art woven with stories, heritage, and authenticity. This campaign incorporates our vision of redefining luxury, our mission to offer authenticity, and the concept of an everlasting carpet ownership experience without sacrificing quality or customer contentment."

Ms. Angelique Dhama, CEO of OBEETEE Retail Pvt. Limited, stated as much.

Regarding OBEETEE Carpets OBEETEE Carpets, founded in 1920, is one of the earliest and largest hand-woven rug manufacturers in India and the globe. Over the course of a century, OBEETEE Carpets has earned an unrivalled reputation for its ingenuity. OBEETEE Carpets claims a community that sustains its existence and excellence, with over 250,000 artisans devoted to the creation of extraordinary rugs.


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