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Novotel Vijayawada Varun Illuminates the Holiday Season with its Joyful Tree Lighting Event

  • 11th Dec 2023
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Novotel Vijayawada Varun Illuminates the Holiday Season with its Joyful Tree Lighting Event

On 11th December 2023, Novotel Vijayawada Varun, a hotel known for crafting unforgettable experiences, celebrated the start of the holiday season with its splendid annual Tree Lighting ceremony. The event, held on the hotel's premises, was a festive affair, spreading happiness and festive cheer among those present.

The hotel's Christmas tree, decked out in dazzling ornaments, stood as a centerpiece of the celebration. The event was made more special with live carol singing, bringing back the timeless charm of the season. The highlight was the lighting of the Christmas tree, bathing the surroundings in a warm, festive light and encapsulating the holiday spirit. Adding to the magic were unexpected surprises from Santa Claus, delighting both children and adults. The hotel also presented its exclusive range of Christmas goodies, featuring an array of specially crafted treats perfect for the season's festivities.

Sudarshan Motupalle, the General Manager of Novotel Vijayawada Varun, shared his happiness over the event's success. "We are thrilled to have initiated the holiday season with such joy and enthusiasm. It was heartwarming to witness our guests revel in the festive spirit and create cherished memories together," he said.

The Tree Lighting ceremony at Novotel Vijayawada Varun captured the holiday spirit beautifully, blending traditional celebrations, culinary delights, and moments of joy, setting the perfect tone for a season of warmth and happiness.


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