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Novotel Mumbai International Airport Celebrates Cake Mixing With a Robust Blend of Merriment and Community

  • 10th Nov 2023
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Novotel Mumbai International Airport Celebrates Cake Mixing With a Robust Blend of Merriment and Community


The radiant sun created the ideal ambiance for an eventful day brimming with delight, mirth, and a touch of gastronomic anticipation. Sunday luncheon at Food Exchange Mumbai at Novotel Mumbai International Airport was attended by families and friends.

The menu was an assortment of delectable flavours. Subsequently, the gastronomic extravaganza commenced, and attendees were treated to a sensory experience that evoked a sense of gratification.

However, the attendees were in for even more surprises throughout the day. Following the luncheon, the ambiance proceeded to evolve into a centre of ingenuity and exuberance, as all attendees enthusiastically engaged in the Cake Mixing Ceremony. While spirits, flour, and fruits mingled, the atmosphere was filled with mirth and hilarity.

Those in attendance delighted in the process of combining these components, which served as a symbol of the collective spirit and eager anticipation surrounding the forthcoming holiday season. A special flourish was added to this delectable Sunday brunch by a heartwarming experience that left all attendees with cherished memories and a sense of unity.

The General Manager of Novotel Mumbai International Airport, Vishrut Gupta, stated:

"Our hotel is committed to providing our visitors with unforgettable experiences. The Cake Mixing Celebration exuded a jubilant manifestation of communal spirit and eager anticipation for the forthcoming holiday season. We are overjoyed to have provided our guests with this gastronomic experience, and we eagerly anticipate maintaining our position as their go-to establishment for festivities and gracious hospitality in the metropolis."

With the joy of delighted families and friends, it was apparent that this occasion had effectively introduced attendees to the joyous atmosphere of the holiday season, instilling in them a sense of anticipation for the forthcoming celebrations.

Novotel Mumbai International Airport remains the optimal location for generating indelible experiences, transforming each sojourn into a cause for jubilation, owing to its exceptional standards of hospitality.


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