New Luxury Accessories on the Block

  • 18th Aug 2020
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New Luxury Accessories on the Block

With a rise in disposable incomes the demand to shift to luxury brands has also risen especially among status-conscious millennials. Tapping on this opportunity, the luxury sector, especially the fashion segment has chosen to increase its reach and revenue by introducing diffusion lines with Versace’s Versus, Giorgio Armani’s Armani Exchange, and Calvin Klein’s CK among those. Another major tactic for attracting people who wish to associate themselves with these brands, however, aren’t as affluent has been diversifying into the accessories segment. Luxury brands rely heavily on exclusivity however this clashes with their motive of generating maximum revenue as well as customer base. With reports suggesting a revenue share of as high as 20% of the total, from tech accessories like mobile cases and covers, AirPods cases, utility pouches to clutches, wallets, cosmetics, and fragrances, almost all luxury brands including Indian bridal wear pioneers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee with the introduction of clutches, bags and belts and Manish Malhotra with his cosmetics have added to their secondary product lines. This not only generates more sales but also builds stronger customer relationships as lowering prices of their heavily priced exclusive range is a BIG NO. This could be the perfect opportunity to flaunt your desired luxury brand without having to burn a major hole in your pocket. While some key styles always remain in trend, this decade shall see a plethora of chic accessories. Let’s look at some of the key luxury accessories styles trending in 2020 that you should consider while upgrading your seasonal wardrobe fashion essentials!

1. Footwear

Chunky Boots

This year when the sweater weather nears and temperatures fall, you can’t get past without a pair of chunky boots. These comfortable low heels with rubber soles offer a feminine and vintage touch to your outfits especially when worn with bell bottoms and flared silhouettes. Whether a night out or a stroll through parks, pair them up with knee-high lengths and miniskirts to add a grunge twist to your everyday style.

Square Toe Strappy Sandals

A sleek pair of sandals is a wardrobe essential be it any season. This flattering silhouette with a strappy finish is making rounds this season. Mostly preferred during warmer months, this is your solution to either a party or a formal event. Sheer tights or socks when paired with these beauties not only save you from freezing but also ups your fashion game. You can go with traditional colors like black, brown, and grey that can match every outfit or even go experimental with some bright blues, pinks, and yellows.

2. Bags

Bucket Bags:

This style never really left the market since it’s inception, rather the rage is just getting stronger with time. With a perfect blend of space and style, bucket bags are only here to stay with all luxury giants like Louis Vuitton and Channel adding their signature touches. Even the Indian luxury bridalwear legend, Sabyasachi Mukherjee couldn’t resist this temptation and introduced the ‘Nani Bucket Bag’ in some perfectly curated infusions of Indian and western variations that match both traditional as well as Indo-Western outfits.

Soft Clutches:

A fashion junkie definitely would know what a mad obsession this trend has become all thanks to Bottega Veneta. A room full of space and comfort to your hands, this plush accessory transitions smoothly from a casual to a formal event hence making it one of your top purchase considerations.

Mini Pouches:

Well, no number of pockets or bag sizes are sufficient to keep up with our space demands, we women always seek more. What better way to have some co-ordinated mini utility pouches to match with our bags? Sort your lives and stuff with these separate additions. On top of that, you don’t have to invest in a new bag every season, all you’ve to invest in is a trending mini pouch that goes with your classic luxury bag and you’ll have a refreshed yet timeless piece every season just with a slight twist.

Multi-color Bags:

Color blocking is another trend that never really fades off and this season it takes the centre stage as well. For those who’d like to finish their look with something that looks artistic, this is your go-to style. Any plain outfit and a bag with color combinations beyond your imagination because fashion is all about bending rules is what this style seeks. This trend has also taken over exotics with multi snakeskin bags becoming popular.

Mini Bags:

Jacquesmus has given birth to a trend that spread like wildfire and is not blowing off anytime soon. A chic mini bag is that eye candy you need to finish your look. This can either be carried solo as a chest piece, wrist accessory, or a statement belt or can be co-ordinated with any of your everyday essential bags.

3. Hair Accessories

Padded Headbands:

Fixing a bad hair day or just simply taking a break from routine hairstyles, a padded hairband is probably not a new trend. However, Prada reintroduced this underrated accessory in 2020 and it’s been all over ever since. Whether it’s covered in embellishments, prints or plain, all of us know there are so many ways to wear a headband right from pushing it back to fix it in between locks. Still, looking for reasons to own this pretty item?

Bucket Hats:

Well, protection from heat never really goes out of style right, only the trends change? Bucket hats are one of those protection gears that come and go as and when fashion trends determine. Well, this season they surely are popular in their signature shape with their slope just brimming a little over your eyes. They first marked their presence for this season as part of Burberry’s show in their classic check print.

4. Belts:

Quality Belts:

Belts have probably shown the most versatility in the last few seasons for they are being worn over skirts, palazzos, dresses, and even sarees for that matter. Therefore, a timeless luxury belt is a major upgradation every wardrobe needs. From Gucci, Alexander McQueen to Chanel, this is one accessory that is sure to come back every season. Can’t leave this without mentioning what a major favorite the classic Sabyasachi belt has become for every traditional and Indo-Western attire. Well, who wouldn’t want the Sabyasachi Royal Bengal Tiger as a statement addition without having to spend lakhs?

Wide Waist Belts:

There are no rules when it comes to this extremely versatile variant of belts. This is an instant addition to give an hourglass appearance to your body. Whether it’s a monochrome outfit or a feminine dress or a skirt, this transforms your look in a jiffy and hence is essential for every season.

5. Jewellery

Statement Large Chain Necklaces:

Ain’t no season where statement necklace pieces aren’t worth upgrading. A plain t-shirt or an extravagant dress, this addition just completes your look. Chunky chains have been trending whether as bag straps or jewellery details. All it takes is a large chain necklace to rake up your boring outfit. From sweaters, high necks to formal blazers, these pieces add the perfect bling to tie your outfit together.

Hoop Earrings:

Hoops have been blessing our lives probably forever. This season however marks their strong presence in pearls, patterns as well as embellishments. One quirky statement pair is all you need to spice up any ensemble.

Bracelets and Rings:

Well if you haven’t really been an enthusiast when it comes to bracelets and rings, you’d probably want to own some this season if you want to keep up with the current fashion. From statement pieces and subtle bands to chunky, embellished solid bracelets and rings defines jewellery in 2020. Co-ordinated sets of rings and bracelets as well as leather wraparounds with silver, and gold charms are selling like hot cakes too!

6. Eyewear

Coloured Sunglass Frames:

Which is that one accessory that is sure to catch the eye on a bright summer morning?

Opt for a colored/printed outer frame with a traditional inner frame to keep up with this season’s trend. Protect your eyes from the scorching heat with these eccentric pieces to finish your OOTD.

Aviators Return:

In a season filled with endless comebacks, one key trend that has strongly marked its presence is Aviators. So those who already invested in a high-end pair, this is your time to bring them back to complete your look again and those who haven’t, this is definitely your chance to own a stylish pair from a wide variety of options accessible now because whether trending or not, this is one standard shape that is a safe investment.

7. Men’s Accessories

Pocket Squares:

Pocket squares are essential to your formalwear needs for that complete luxury feel. However, what is special about this decade is that it’s all about exploring different folding techniques to revamp this classic style.

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