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Nebula by Titan's Ashvi Introduces 18K Solid Gold Watches With The Grace of Pearl

  • 28th Apr 2023
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Nebula by Titan's Ashvi Introduces 18K Solid Gold Watches With The Grace of Pearl

Friday, April 28th, 2023: 

Luxury watchmaker Nebula by Titan's exclusive collection Ashvi is a collection of three exquisitely crafted 18-karat gold timepieces with mother-of-pearl displays. The collection of resplendent timepieces is a showcase of Nebula's artistry in dress watches, combining the finest of India's illustrious tradition of jewellery making with mastery of watch making.

This exclusive collection features five exquisite timepieces distinguished by hemispherical pearls and princess-cut diamonds.  

Ashvi's intricate designs include a stunning bracelet with free-floating pearls wrapped in a beautiful gold composition, an elegant wired bracelet set with thirty princess-cut diamonds, a graceful rose gold bracelet adorned with stones forming a splendid gradient from deep pink to white, and two stunning timepieces embellished with peridot, blue topaz, and tourmaline.

These exquisitely crafted timepieces combine flawlessly with Indian occasion wear and make a valuable and memorable gift for special events.

Titan Watches' Chief Marketing Officer, Kalpana Rangamani, said of the collection,

"Over the years, Nebula has built a reputation as the atelier of choice for sophisticated gold watches with distinguished designs and precision watchmaking, which is beautifully illustrated by our Ashvi collection." Each of the five watches in the collection incorporates techniques unique to the world of jewellery into the world of watches, thereby elevating each timepiece to something exceptional." 

The price range for Nebula's Ashvi begins at INR 2.4 Lakhs, and the collection is available at select Titan World and Shopper's Stop stores, as well as the brand's website at


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