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Modenese Interiors - a 200 Year Old Italian Luxury Furniture Brand

  • 24th Jul 2019
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Modenese Interiors - a 200 Year Old Italian Luxury Furniture Brand

This is the story of Modenese Luxury Interiors, an Italian luxury furniture company that has an experience of more than two centuries (200 years) in the furniture industry – a phenomenal achievement by a fabulous family.

The beginning:

Casale di Scodosia is a quaint village tucked away in the beautiful locales of North Italy famous for its woodworking heritage. This is exactly the place where the luxury classic furniture business of Modenese Interiors originated. The year was 1818. Similar to many other families in the village, the Modenese family also put up their own workshop to create farming tools from wood. The demand from the surrounding communities and towns for farming tools and of course the quality of production from the Modenese family ensured a healthy business. This was the humble beginning of a business that would span 7 generations with the passing of the secrets and heritage of exquisite furniture making. Amazingly even today the Modenese Interiors factory functions from this very place.


The growth:

With the afflux of time and with the constant efforts of the family, the workshop and the furniture production range kept evolving from trailers and carts to hand made simple home furniture. This constant push towards improvement resulted in the expansion of the production range and with the new generation of the family joining hands in the business, the product line just grew tremendously. As the country of Italy evolved passing through various historical landmarks and transformations so did the Modenese Interiors grow from strength to strength.

The popularity:

When you have good quality and dedication, your success definitely grows by leaps and bounds.

This is exactly what happened with the Modenese luxury furniture brand as its popularity soared both locally as well as internationally especially in Germany post the Second World War. The orders for their brand of furniture kept pouring in and they kept delivering high quality furniture and satisfying every client’s needs.

Core values:

The primary reason behind the outstanding success of the Modenese Interiors furniture has been the set of core values that this family business has followed diligently decades after decades. Although they have adapted to the modern times and remained flexible in terms of their production, the Modenese family has steadfastly held on to its traditional roots. The focus has always been on quality and there are three core components that have been constantly maintained:

  • 1. The evergreen classics of baroque
  • 2. Solid wood as a primary material
  • 3. An exclusively manual production

These values and a strict discipline has ensured that the brand has always grown positively and is a well-known and highly respected luxury furniture brand across Italy and across the world today.


The transformation:

The real big leap for the Modenese Interiors furniture business happened around the end of the 1960s as one of the new generation, young and dynamic Gastone took over the management reins of the company. With a vision for the future and passion to grow he transformed the erstwhile small workshop into the huge luxury furniture production factory that it is today. The production line expanded exponentially from single furniture items like chairs, tables, sofas, beds or consoles to an entire expanded range of finished interiors for living and dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and walk-in closets, etc. However one major thing always remained constant and that is quality as the furniture still got manufactured from natural materials only and as per the time tested proven traditional technologies perfected by the family over many years.

Modenese Interiors today:

The modern day company is run by the three sons of Gastone Modenese: Renzo, Renato and Francesco along with his grandson, Paride who are the pillars of the enterprise. However like the generations before them, they uphold the core family values and stick to the traditions of the family while managing the company and taking it to further heights of success globally. The modern state of the art factory today has seen a significant increase in the team size. There are many passionate young professionals who are contributing in carrying forward the Modenese Interiors legacy of Italian design and quality luxury furniture. The team consists of members from at least seven countries who can speak around sixteen languages. This factor helps the company communicate with clients from across the globe pleasantly and effectively. It also makes Modenese Interiors a truly international company.

The new age team members have been highly proactive in reaching out to the world, collaborating & exchanging ideas with designers and architects from the Middle East, African countries, China and other Asian countries, North and South America. This is adding further varieties, options and multiple choices in terms of furniture designs, high end interiors for the end customers. The exclusive and bespoke interiors by

Modenese Interiors are literally all over the world today,

from private villas of Arab sheikhs and plush offices of Russian politicians to European opera theatres and modern luxury resorts in United Arab Emirates, etc.

The massive range of luxury furniture options and collections that Modense Interiors offers is breath taking. Its luxury classic collections includes Deluxe, Bella Vita, Villa Venezia, Casanova, Kitchens Collection, Exclusive Design Collections, Contemporary (Living Room), Contemporary (Dining Room), Contemporary (Bedroom), Football Collection, Minimal Baroque and more. In terms of finishes it offers more than 200 Wood Finishes, 1200 Fabrics, 100 marbles, decorations, gold and silver leaf and many more. This company provides furniture and bespoke interior solutions for villas, hotels, yachts, luxury apartments, government institutions, corporate offices, restaurants & bars, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, theatres, office furniture, etc.

Significant milestones:

In the early 1990s , the fall of the Berlin Wall coincided with the rise of Modenese Interiors as a luxury furniture brand in Russia and CIS countries. Modenese Interiors became highly popular in these countries and the demand for its furniture grew with individual clients, businesses and companies placing orders in large numbers. These years also witnessed the Modenese factory successfully finishing many interior projects for individual customers and for governmental institutions, restaurants and hotels in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Baltic countries.

The year 2012 was also a landmark year for the brand as the first Modenese Interiors mono brand showroom got established in the heart of Moscow, Russia very close to the famous Red Square.

A unique luxury brand:

A perfect amalgamation of tradition, heritage and new age technology, Modenese Interiors is indeed a very unique Italian luxury furniture company. The very fact that this family has preserved its strong tradition and yet adapted to the modern times over a period of more than 200 years is absolutely amazing and nothing short of a marvel indeed.


The story starts here: in the North of Italy in a tiny village Casale di Scodosia known for its woodworking traditions. That’s where the factory of luxury classic furniture Modenese Gastone is situated. The factory is owned by the Modenese family that is working in the wooden furniture busines... read more


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