Melissa X Marc Jacobs - A Collaboration Like No Other

  • 27th Nov 2023
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Melissa X Marc Jacobs - A Collaboration Like No Other

A genuine masterwork, the capsule collection produced in collaboration between Melissa and Marc Jacobs fuses sustainability with fashion. Utilising eco-friendly materials, the collection consists of two exquisite designs that are reminiscent of the ready-to-wear line by Marc Jacobs.

A compound derived from sugarcane, Biobased EVA provides the Melissa Clog + Marc Jacobs with its remarkable lightness and comfort. An assortment of hues, including off-white, red, blue, and classic black, comprise the collection's colour spectrum, which accommodates a wide range of preferences.

A model that exemplifies sustainable fashion without sacrificing style, the Melissa Becky + Marc Jacobs is constructed wholly of 100 percent recyclable plastic and integrates recycled PET bottles.

Iris Law, who gracefully models the Melissa x Marc Jacobs collaboration's distinctive aesthetics, is featured in the collection's advertising campaign. She dons Pre-Fall 2023 styles by Marc Jacobs.

Showcasing the fusion of high fashion and environmentally conscious design, the campaign was photographed by the renowned Valentin Herfray against the backdrop of New York and styled by Sydney Rose Thomas. The assortment is accessible to a wide audience on a global scale via,, Melissa Stores, and Marc Jacobs stores.

The collection demonstrates Melissa's observance of sustainability. Biobased EVA, a compound derived from sugarcane, demonstrates the brand's commitment to eco-friendly practises, recycled components, and biomaterials.

Further exemplifying Melissa's commitment to eco-friendly practises, the packaging is 100 percent recyclable.

The convergence of fashion and sustainability is exemplified through this groundbreaking partnership between Marc Jacobs and Melissa Jacobs. In addition to establishing a new benchmark for the future of conscientious fashion, the collection embodies the shared vision of the two brands. 

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