Marija Iva - Timeless Fine Jewelry from Tribeca, Presented with Love

  • 10th Mar 2023
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Marija Iva - Timeless Fine Jewelry from Tribeca, Presented with Love

Marija Iva - Timeless Fine Jewelry from Tribeca

New York City (March 9, 2023)

Marija Iva Djordjevic, a jewellery designer located in Tribeca and the Hamptons, announces the formal debut of her eponymous fine jewellery line.

The MARIJA IVA jewellery lines, now available at, are distinguished by their timeless quality, excellent craftsmanship, and easy flair.

Djordjevic was involved in arts and culture from her formative years in Belgrade through her education in Paris and twelve years as a senior jewellery designer for Piaget in Geneva. With this knowledge and a desire for fresh opportunities, she moved to New York City. Her eponymous MARIJA IVA jewellery is the fruition of Djordjevic's long-held desire to develop her own jewellery line, one that draws on her continental history and the minimalistic vibrancy of New York.


Marija Iva Djordjevic, Founder and Designer:

"We all seek to infuse beauty and deeper significance into our daily lives, and this is my ultimate goal with MARIJA IVA jewellery. I create jewellery for contemporary women who value refined, subtle, and enduring pieces of the greatest quality that can be worn with confidence every day."

The brand's current jewellery lines include DANA, EDEN, ÉTERNEL, HAMPTONS, and DIVINE, which draw inspiration from ancient mythology, the universe, religious symbols, natural marvels, contemporary culture, and the designer's own profoundly personal connections. The persistent innovation of the designer almost guarantees that product offers will continue to change throughout the years.


From New York City's streets to museum masterpieces and a lifetime of travel adventures, MARIJA IVA draws inspiration for her creations from the world around her. Designs vary from minimalist classics like as gemstone eternity bands to pendants, bracelets, and earrings with snakes, stars, and crosses — recognisable shapes reduced to their simplest essence.

Each item is independently designed by Djordjevic, who begins by refining her ideas in her notebook with a pencil before producing a gouache scale rendition of the piece. She is a professional bench jeweller who works closely with French jewellery partners to make each MARIJA IVA item according to her precise specifications. A single work may take six months to construct, from inception to final polishing.

In the tradition of the great masters she admires so much, Djordjevic has opted to work in her preferred medium and communicate directly with her customers. She aims to produce a significant body of work that remains and connects with MARIJA IVA.

She states Jewelry is a Map of Life.

Each item embodies the strength and beauty of our most meaningful experiences.

MARIJA IVA jewellery is available online at as well as via a limited number of trunk show partners.

About Marija Iva

Marija Iva Djordjevic, an accomplished jewellery designer and bench jeweller located in the Hamptons and New York's Tribeca District, developed the fine jewellery business MARIJA IVA. Djordjevic's eponymous brand of premium fine jewellery shows the designer's strong appreciation for streamlined elegance, superb craftsmanship, and sumptuous materials.

MARIJA IVA's varied array of lines, including DANA, DIVINE, EDEN, ÉTERNEL, and HAMPTONS, is informed by continental ideas derived from Djordjevic's early European years and expertise designing for premium legacy jewellery businesses. Each piece of MARIJA IVA jewellery emits a beautifully nuanced, timeless quality and is intended to be worn every day with delight and confidence. has further details.

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