Manam Theatre Festival 2023 in Hyderabad

  • 6th Dec 2023
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Manam Theatre Festival 2023 in Hyderabad

Manam Theatre Festival 2023 

From December 8th to 10th, 2023, the following events will be held at the Manam Theatre Festival in Hyderabad: 

The rest of the story was written by the University of Hyderabad on December 8, 2018, at Rangbhoomi Spaces in Gachibowli.

Afghanistan is not amusing. written by Henry Naylor on December 10, 2017, in Madhapur's District 150

Get your tickets now for the most amazing shows at the first "Manam Theatre Festival" in Hyderabad, which will run for a month and is put on by The We _ Us Collective, a project of the Almond House Foundation. The Manam Theatre Festival brings together troupes from all over the country and the world, including emerging companies from Hyderabad.

The festival's goal is to engage theatre fans in the magic and beauty of the performing arts. Performing artists from all over the world, from Pondicherry to Sikkim, come together at different sites across the city to celebrate the art of performing.

The artists do everything from puppets to live music to dance to masks. With four foreign troupes, four local troupes from Hyderabad, four places, and eighteen shows spread out over four weekends, the Manam Theatre Festival looks like it will be a real celebration of the performing arts for a wide range of people.

The Manam Theatre Festival in Hyderabad has plays that make you think for those who are interested and acts that keep you glued to the screen for pure pleasure. Through modern acts, experimental shows, and new takes, the event brings different, inclusive, and out of the ordinary stories to Hyderabad. An area of art and culture all its own in Hyderabad. The festival runs from November 24, 2023, to December 17, 2023.

It brings together a wide range of events, people, and places. On Friday of each weekend, a home troupe will put on a show, and on Saturday and Sunday, a travelling group will put on two plays. On these weekends, there are a lot of smaller events that are meant to get people talking and exchanging ideas, as well as getting people in the city to connect with troupes.

You can buy tickets at

WEKEND 3 (DEC 8 10, 2023)

The rest of the story is by the University of Hyderabad.The play is a tribute to Badal Sircar's lifelong commitment to social problems and innovative approaches to theatre. It shows how people's lives are linked to history and the bigger picture, and it stresses how responsible each person is for their surroundings. To stay true to this philosophy, the group changed Sircar's original writing on purpose, taking out the philosophical parts and giving the story a new twist.

In charge of: Rajiv Velicheti

Badal Sircar wrote the play.In Hindi, this is Nemichandra Jain.Anjana Shahjahan, Arun Kumar Singh, Nitish Kumar, Raniya Zulaikha, Vikash Kumar, Satyam Dubey, and Shamim Akhtar Sheikh play unscripted roles. People from the script who are: Sharad: Shreyas Gupta, Vasanti: Shreyosree Sarker, Janki Tuddu as Kanak (Act 1), Pooja Yadav as Pooja Yadav, Nikhil as Sai Krishna Chithari, Biswajit Kalita; Sitanath as Shivam Kumar, Swapnil Singh; Agantuk as Sachin Rawal, Vishal Thakur; Boodha as Geetesh Ujjainwal; Kanak (Act 2): Mansi Bansal, Niharika Choulda; Vijay as Md. Ahsan Habib; and Sitanath as Jishnu Kili and Vighnesh Jayakrishnan (Act 2).

Friday, December 8, 2023 

The show starts at 7:30pm. The place is Rangbhoomi Spaces in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.Language: more than oneLength: 75 minutes Recommended for: 13 and up

What the University of Hyderabad saysThe University of Hyderabad is a Unitary University in Hyderabad. It is a Central University that was set up by an Act of Parliament in 1974. National Needs–Global Standards, Innovation, Public Engagement, and Social Impact are at the heart of the UoH's strategy, planning, and methods. It is strongly believed by the drama Arts Department at S.N. School that making good drama is hard and there is no easy way to do it. Theatre Arts is a field of study at universities that focuses on teaching students the main ideas, basic rules, and techniques of drama and theatre in order to make a successful theatre in society where people can connect live and discover new areas of experience and intelligence. 

By Henry Naylor (UK), Afghanistan Is Not Funny

Playwright Henry Naylor, who has won many awards, and photographer Sam Maynard went to the Afghan War Zone soon after 9/11 to do study for a comic project. After that, strange things happened: a war criminal threatened them, the Mujhadeen arrested them, and Al-Qaeda set their sights on them. Now that the Taliban are back, Naylor wonders what was lost in the destruction of Kabul.

Henry Naylor was in charge.It was written by Henry NaylorPut on by: Henry Naylor

Sunday, December 10, 2023 The shows start at 4:00pm and 7:30pm. Date and Time: District 150, Madhapur, HyderabadEnglish is the languageLength: 75 minutes For people 16 and up

What Henry Naylor Said

Henry Naylor is a UK playwright who has won many awards. The Times and The Evening Standard have called him "one of our best new playwrights," and Theatre Extra has called him "one of the finest British writers on contemporary events." His plays have won or been nominated for 33 foreign awards. In 2016, the Globes De Cristal, France's highest honour for the arts, was one of those awards. Five of the top five Fringe awards at the Edinburgh Fringe have been given to him, including the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award. He is one of only a few writers to have won the Fringe First three times. He has had three off-Broadway shows that ran for a month each. In 2017, his work was seen by over 300 thousand people on five countries. His writing has been made into eight different languages.

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