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LV Volt: Louis Vuitton's Unisex Fine Jewelry Collection

  • 20th Aug 2020
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LV Volt: Louis Vuitton's Unisex Fine Jewelry Collection

Luxury leader, Louis Vuitton took to Instagram to launch their newest, most sophisticated, unisex fine jewelry collection, LV Volt. With the iconic LV initials as the nucleus, this collection presents the initials as a metaphor of movement and a source of energy. The LV Volt campaign, starring Alicia Vikander, Swedish Oscar-winning actress; Hugo Marchand, Paris Opera Ballet Dancer; Sharon Alexie, French artist and Xiao Xing Mao, Chinese model and an ambassador of Louis Vuitton was shot by French photographer, Jean-Baptiste Mondino. In the campaign film, the LV initials explore movement in all forms. They entwine, move apart, interlink, and move closer just to form a myriad of dimensions, textures, volumes, contours and finishes. Exploring the infinite forms, the LV letters can take, this collection explores all elements of movement including, speed, tempo, design and shape. The pieces in the collection display an expert play of precise, sharp line and soft, smooth contours. “Through the most abstracted form of the L and V initials, LV Volt finds energy, establishes a rhythm and expresses its beat.”, says Louis Vuitton.

The four stars bring elements of their personalities into this campaign. Alicia Vikander with her classical dance background, Sharon Alexie’s bold spirit and dynamic energy, Xiao Xing Mao’s undeniable energy and Hugo Marchand’s power of movement make for a perfect combination to personify the theme of the new collection. Together, these four embody the universality of the graphic collection and portray transcending borders, genders and styles.

Once again, Louis Vuitton stuns its audience with its exquisite craftsmanship, architectural design and sheer subtlety.

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