participated in The Cannes International Emigration and Luxury Property Expo 2018.

It was a great experience and the whole expo was hosted and organized very professionally indeed.

The picturesque city of Cannes in France was the perfect setting for such a global and classy event. Held over a period of two days, 9-10 November 2018 at the Hyatt Hotel Martinez Cannes, this international conference and expo was a success all the way.
The Cannes International Emigration and Luxury Property Expo included multiple features and participants.

The well detailed and extremely well curated conference featured government representatives, key personnel of the world’s most prestigious immigration companies and a few very prominent luxury real estate & property developers. There were more than a 100 global companies who were a part of this brilliant exhibition and everyone contributed greatly towards making this event a very vibrant one indeed.

As the IELP Cannes Expo 2018 got underway a slight drizzle in the nice and pleasant Cannes weather further enhanced the whole environment. There was a crisp press conference for leading business and industry media from 30 countries and the icing on the cake was an exclusive high-end Gala Party for market professionals and private guests.

Almost all serious business people let their hair down and allowed the live music & the DJ music to take them to another level altogether. Of course on the business end there were myriad activities that included networking sessions, seminars, investor meetings, one to one meetings with clients, etc.

Some of the noted speakers, personalities and key company representatives who graced this occasion included:

IRINA CURBELO – Director, Henley & Partners

DOMINIC VOLEK - Managing Partner, Head Southeast Asia, Henley & Partners

VITALY MODLO - Director of Investor Relations, CMB Regional Centers

DEVIN WILLIAMS - President, Partner - EB5 Global

RICHARD COUNTS – CEO, Trustee & Financial Services

MATUS VARGA, ESQ – Founder, Varga's Immigration Attorneys

DENIS KRAVCHENKO - Head of Stakeholder Relations, Investment Migration Council

ANDREY KOSTYUK - Founder, CEO - Taurus Aurum Global Property Fund Ltd.


IGOR NEMTSOV - Citizenship & Residency Advisor, Associate Director - Astons

YRA AMVROSIDOU – CEO, Property Gallery Developers and Constructors

MARIANNA PAVLIDES - Advocate and Head of Immigration Department, Christodoulos G. Vassiliades & Co. LLC

GEORGE GEORGIOU - Managing Director, Protamare


CHARMAINE QUINLAND-DONOVAN – CEO, Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investment Unit

PAVEL RESHETNIKOV - Business Development Director, Immigrant Invest

RICHARD HALLAM - Special Advisor Inward Investment, Mount Cinnamon, Grenada CBI

DOMINIC VOLEK - Managing Partner, Head Southeast Asia, Henley & Partners

VIKTOR HOHOTS – Founder, Avista Professional Corporation

IBRAHIMA KALIL TOURÉ – Founder, Imminvest Canada

PRASHANT AJMERA – Founder, Prashant Ajmera and Assocaites

PAVEL RESHETNIKOV - Business Development Director, Immigrant Invest

GEORGE M MANGION - Senior Partner, PKF Malta

CLINT BENNETTI - Operation Director, Director of Trusts and Corporate Services, Kylin Prime Group

OLEG KONOVALOV - Founding partner, Arcendum

Overall the IELP Cannes 2018 event was a roaring success with many takeaways that included some fantastic insights into immigration policies, real estate investments, opportunities and challenges in this particular industry, high profile networking, investor meetings, deal closures and so much more.

The team was represented by its founder, Suhas Kataria.  The Cannes IELP 2018 event was definitely an important milestone for Luxury Abode and as media partners for The Cannes International Emigration and Luxury Property Expo 2018, did its very best to market and promote the same through its global luxury real estate platform and also by reaching out to its users from across the world.

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