There is a new Asian kid on the global luxury block. It is not Hong Kong or Singapore. It happens to be Shanghai and this mega city is showing all the signs of becoming a powerful luxury destination for real estate, luxury brands, cosmetics, apparels and luxury lifestyle in general.

As per latest reports from well trusted and authentic sources, Shanghai is growing in popularity amongst the elite and the rich. It is also growing in terms of cost of all things luxury and the world’s Who’s Who do not seem to mind too much. The rise of Shanghai as a luxury powerhouse is not too surprising for the connoisseurs of luxury and it seems this wonderful city was always gravitating towards this path over the past many years.

Shanghai luxury properties

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Luxury real estate in Shanghai as well as property in general has grown sharply in the last decade and is now actually very close to the Numero Uno location in property prices – Hong Kong.

Symbolically Shanghai has always carried a luxury tag. This bustling city in China which also happens to be its biggest is also referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. Shanghai has traditionally been an economic powerhouse not only in China but also in Asia as a whole.

The year 1843 was in a way a transforming one for Shanghai. As per historians there was an opium war then and Shanghai replaced Guangzhou as the economic centre and international trade & commerce in the scheme of things post that war.

In due course of time as expatriates arrives from distant lands and started using the Shanghai shores for trade & commerce, investments in Shanghai increased multifold. Various financial institutions, banks and other commerce related entities sprouted up from this city. This quaint and sleepy village gradually adorned the mantle of a very strong economic and commercial city. It became a very influential force in the entire Far East region and businesses started arriving in drones to Shanghai.


Ancient roots – holding Shanghai together

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With all this momentum and rapid growth, Shanghai has still managed to hold on to its own in terms of culture, ancient history which is almost three thousand years old. It is today a perfect amalgamation of its rich past, its vibrant present and definitely a very promising future too. Shanghai is very modern, chic and global in the sense that you have a lot of good things, various nationalities living here together.


A perfect blend of old & new

The measure of Shanghai’s vastness & uniqueness is the fact that it consists of 17 districts carrying their own individual personality. Every district in Shanghai has its own unique flavor and specialty. There are magnificent luxury homes and luxury properties in locations like Xuhui, Hongkou, Jing’an, Changning and Waitan. A beautiful blend and a charming mix of rustic, ethnic, gothic, European style villas close to the Huangpu River have transformed the landscape into a mesmerizing one indeed. This charming and history laden location is impregnated with fabulous beacons like the Old City and The Bund in Huangpu district, the French Concession (the area erstwhile designated for the French) that winds its way through Huangpu and Luwan & Xuhui district. The landscape here is also dotted with historically significant and aesthetically beautiful temples including Jing’an Temple, Jade Buddha Temple and also Longhua Temple which happens to be the most ancient temple in Shanghai. Adding to this glory from the past is the greenery and natural beauty of well laid out gardens and well-designed parks.

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In a beautiful and stark contrast, Pudong district which stands proudly on the other side of Huangpu River represents a very contemporary China with state of the art modern structures and a very polished looking real estate landscape that denotes the area’s futuristic vision and ambition. Luxury real estate in Pudong is truly a global one and many expatriates & foreign national prefer to have their luxury homes in Pudong either in terms of purchase or even in terms of rent. Pudong properties include Villas, plush apartments with all modern amenities and facilities. Pudong is literally a postage stamp of China’s growth story and the amazing architecture including Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center and Shanghai Tower represent the fact that China is fast becoming a global country with Shanghai leading the way in its quest. The foreign nationals who are moving to Pudong also have the advantage of the fact that the major population in Pudong speaks English along with the local language. Therefore communication is not a challenge here as it is in some of the other parts of China.


Shanghai moves well – Shanghai transport

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The icing on the cake for Pudong residents is the superbly designed and built city transport system. The Pudong public transport is one of the most sophisticated and best in the whole world. Apart from other transport options, the very famous Maglev trains are the true transport heroes in Pudong. Imagine being connected effortlessly from Shanghai to the charming locations of Zhouzhuang and Wuzhen. By the way these journeys would happen at a speed of almost 430 km per hour inside these modern and well-equipped Maglev trains. One of the most important defining factors for the quality of a city life is really its transport and connectivity. It is no wonder that Shanghai is a world favourite today due to this and of course myriad other positive factors.


Shanghai Population & Infrastructure

There are lots of people in Shanghai, almost 26 million of them. It is by far the most populated urban location in the whole world today. The reason is simple. This magnetic city has managed to attract some of the best talents and active people from the entire globe. This is majorly because of the great and quality life that Shanghai can offer to each and every one who comes here.

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Shanghai is home to the most active container port on the entire planet and it is definitely a very strong link that connects China to the rest of the globe. It is definitely more attractive than many of China’s other cities. Some of the best roads, infrastructure developments, transport systems, bridges, flyovers, public facilities, market places, malls, schools, hospitals and cultural centers are in Shanghai. It is therefore no wonder that foreigners love Shanghai and it has been voted as the most preferred city for expatriates for more 5 years in a row.


Shanghai Energy


Shanghai has a unique energy that literally rubs onto to you once you step on its soil. People from all walks of life who happen to reside here truly like the breezy pace of life that Shanghai offers and of course backs it up with its fantastic infrastructure. It is definitely today a city of opportunities and in terms of luxury real estate Shanghai is definitely a preferred destination for many investors, luxury home buyers due to all of the above mentioned compelling factors.



Finance and Business


Of course the real test for any city worth its salt is the finance energy that in brings to the table. Shanghai is second to none on this front too as it has been a very popular financial center for international institutions and a very crucial financial hub for the country itself. In the recent couple of years, the financial segment of Shanghai has burgeoned to more than Sixty-Two billion American dollars. This is equal to a jaw dropping 22.9 % year-on-year increase and the Shanghai financial segment contributed almost 16.2% to the city’s Gross Domestic Product. The Chines financial think tank has an ambition of making Shanghai the top most finance hub of the world by the year 2020 and be the leading economic power city on the face of Earth. One of the major steps that Shanghai is taking in this regard is the addition of finance and commerce professionals to its fold by organizing various business and finance programs including high profile seminars, meetings, business delegate meetings and so on.


The Shanghai vibrant life

If you are talking about a city that moves super-fast, efficiently and a city that never sleeps, guess what? You are talking about Shanghai. This mega city is a mover of the highest degree as you can literally avail anything 24 hours of the day and 365 days a year. The shanghai night life is also popular and you can get huge doses of entertainment of various kinds across this city. The music culture and scenario is absolutely world class and you can get access to some of the best musical acts in Shanghai.

Apart from a very stable and easy lifestyle, once you come to Shanghai you can get access to whole lot more in terms of entertainment for sure. Great nightlife mixed with a lot of outdoor sporting facilities and great outdoor living is another testament to the wonderful life balance that this city has to offer. The greenery, the ecologically positive environment and the attention to an infrastructure that boosts the well-being of every resident in terms of sports, physical activities is definitely commendable. If you love shopping, you will Shanghai for sure. Shanghai is a haven for shopping for everything that you desire - from luxury brands, watches, perfumes, shoes, jewelry, toys, luxury goods and so much more. Shanghai has a plethora of shopping malls, super markets and restaurants. If you simply consider the fact that China as a country literally manufactures everything under the Sun and exports to every nook & corner of the globe then imagine the variety of options that you can find in Shanghai – China’s economic power house city. Yes, you can find almost everything that you can and cannot imagine in the busy Shanghai city scape.


Luxury real estate in Shanghai

Luxury properties in Shanghai are now being built keeping a global and discerning audience in mind and therefore these real estate beauties come not only with the best amenities & facilities you can dream of but also are conveniently located near financial hubs, important destinations, and well-connected shopping hubs. Essentially the luxury real estate in Shanghai is luxurious as well as highly functional.

Of course being a highly planned city in China, Shanghai offers everyone a highly convenient location, the advantage of fantastic connectivity, transport, shopping, food markets, super markets and vast expanses of very good residential neighborhoods with good security too.

There has been a substantial growth in the class of Shanghai city in the recent decade and as the economy has grown stronger, the quality of life has seen a dramatic improvement overall. This change has now permeated the entire fabric of the Shanghai city fabric and you can almost feel the class in how the city functions as a unit. Luxury homes in Shanghai are now some of the best in the world.


Luxury real estate developers in Shanghai

Some of the best known luxury real estate developers in Shanghai include Greenland Group which is a state owned real estate developer in China.  Greenland Group’s head office is in Shanghai and it was founded in 1992 with the principle aim of developing Shanghai’s green areas. With the efflux of time however, Greenland has become one of the biggest real estate and property developers in China. Some of Greenland Group’s current projects include Greenland Hysun, Greenland William apartments, Greenland oriental villa and Greenland Cloudy Metropolis. There are other real estate and luxury real estate developers across China who are developing myriad real estate projects around the Shanghai landscape and they include Shui On Land, Poly Real Estate Group, China Sunac Holdings and Tahoe Group Company, etc.


Luxury real estate developments in Shanghai

A few of the recent luxury real estate projects in Shanghai include:

Qiantan Ocean One project in Qiantan - by Joy City Property. This project has been launched very recently in a prime location and the price range here is around 75,000 - 95,000 yuan.

Daning Jinmao Palace – This is a project in northern Shanghai by China Jinmao Holdings Group – prices here range from10 to 20 million yuan.

Luxur homes at Qiantan – residential complexes developed by Cofco and US builder Tishman Speyer. These are in the price range of will 120,000 yuan per square meter.

Lakeville Luxe – This s a high end posh and luxurious development in central Shanghai. The Xintiandi shopping district is in close proximity to this project. The pricing is from 120,000-190,000 yuan per square meter.

Shanghai Courtyard – This is a luxury real estate project in Shanghai being brought to life by Cinda Properties and Tahoe. The cost here is speculated to be around 90,000 yuan per meter.

Lakeville Luxe – A super luxury project comprising of stand-alone homes in the heart of Shanghai is being developed by Shui On Land. The price to buy a home here will start from 127,000 yuan.


Top 4 luxury real estate locations in Shanghai

Shanghai is also referred to as the Paris of the East. Some of the top luxury real estate locations in Shanghai include:

  • The Bund – A beautiful renowned waterfront area with mesmerizing & beautiful architecture that has prices in the range of 26 million yuan to 46 million yuan. This well-known waterfront location has luxury homes and plush houses that are a collage of classic, contemporary and beaux-arts architecture which is definitely an influence of the French lifestyle.
  • Century Park, Pudong – Luxury homes in this location range from 16 million yuan onwards. As mentioned earlier, Pudong luxury real estate is a major attraction for the elite class that includes foreigners and expats. It is also a very popular amongst the rich and affluent residents of Shanghai & other Chinese cities.
  • The Former French Concession – Of course the influence of the French is highly evident here and that definitely includes the style. There are some brilliant luxury homes in former French Concession and the range here begins with around 11 million yuan onwards.
  • Gubei / Hongqiao / Minhang – Luxury real estate and luxury properties here are very popular among the elite class. The prices of real estate in Gubei, Hongqiao and Minhang are in the range of 13 million yuan to 45 million yuan.
  • Hongkou – Luxury homes in Hongkou are sought after and they are slightly more affordable than some of the other popular luxury real estate locations in Shanghai. Hongkou luxury homes start with a price tag of 9 million yuan and above.


Shanghai Living standard on the rise

The living standard in Shanghai has also been improving as consistently as the rise of its economic power. The market value of Shanghai luxury homes has been steadily climbing as the demand has been healthy and also widespread, from within China itself as well as outside China too. All important parameters that help determine the real estate pricing growth are stacked heavily in favour of Shanghai and therefore some of the most choosy property investors from across the globe are opting for Shanghai as their real estate investment destination. Shanghai has become an essential part of an international investor’s real estate portfolio today.

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