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La Femme Roje : An Exquisite Brand Story

  • 22nd Aug 2020
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La Femme Roje : An Exquisite Brand Story

Here is a brand that is driven by contemporary designs, ambitious stylists and a cruelty-free approach to the environment. La Femme Roje is the brainchild of Iranian designer Roojan Hooshyar and was founded in the year 2013. The first product to be created under the brands name were handcrafted and textile printed shoes made entirely out of sustainable materials. Today, the brand has ventured in to designing clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes and more, all while keeping animal and environmental safety in mind.

Image courtesy: La Femme Roje

Born in Iran, Roojan is the creative director and owner of LFR. After having completed her masters in Information management, she was all set to tread a new path that she believed was her true calling. Even though her degree helped her in understanding the sales and business side of her dream, it was ultimately her craving to be a better designer and learn more that led her to join ArSutoria School to further enhance her abilities in footwear designing.

Now based in Vancouver, all of her designs are in tandem with her own personal style, cultural heritage, various travel experiences and by Iran, her hometown. Every collection has a different concept wherein she tries to imbibe the spirit of Iranian culture through the textile used, prints, colors and patterns.

All the samples are created in Vancouver with the final approvals being done from Canada, Turkey and Iran. Today, the brand is sourced by some of the best suppliers around the world from Milan, Istanbul and Vancouver who ensure to provide the highest quality of products while maintaining consistency in production.

Why La Femme Roje is an Eco-friendly Brand?


After years of the fashion industry imposing waste materials resulting in degradation of our environment- the new generation of designers understand the pressures of dealing with ethics and creativity simultaneously.

While LFR was being developed, Roojan was very certain of creating a brand that would not only appeal to consumers but would also positively cater to the environment. The brand is continuously on the lookout for new and efficient materials to create their products without causing any damage environmentally.

Image courtesy: Not Just a Label

“As a handcrafted vegetarian brand, treating animals and their lives with respect is our purpose, which gives us the aim of adopting cruelty-free methods to create sustainable materials.” – says creative director, Roojan Hooshyar.

The brand is strictly against endorsing fur, leather or animal skin as part of any of their collections. It sources viscose in a way that causes no harm to the environment or animals.

Brand Collection and Stories


While creating every collection, the designers at LFR focus on three main aspects that are fundamental to the brands identity- Bold designs, high quality materials and outstanding colors. The name of the brand was inspired by the founders love for Paris and its culture. It is what encouraged her to create a brand that celebrates being a woman through creative styling and gorgeous designs.

The brand has launched 8 grand collections till date, each of which has its own story that caters to an idea, the culture of a country, the heritage and celebratory traditions. For instance, the ‘My Persia’ collection represents various types of creative handicrafts ranging from north to south Iran. The entire collection has been created by local Iranian women who bring their own spin by adding artistic elements.

Image courtesy: La Femme Roje

Another popular collection by the brand is the ‘Corner collection’ that features the infamous geometric prints all through Persian and Islamic architecture. Roojan encapsulates the essence of their contemporary architecture and effortlessly blends it in her clothing designs, textile prints, shoes and handbags. The symmetry and patterns that characterize Islamic architecture has been widely popularized by many brands.

With its creative process and brand identity in place, LFR continues to inspire the fashion world globally with its innovative approach and culturally rich designs. Today, the brand manufactures and distributes its products across three main provinces of Iran and also to places like Dubai, Berlin, Toronto, Vancouver and many more.

At LFR, employees are treated with utmost respect and follow a very progressive work-culture. They believe that a brand transitions in to what it is because of the wonderful people who work hard behind it along with its amazing customers. With its strong social media presence and popularity, it aims to be a globally recognized brand and continues to grow exponentially with every collection.


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